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Matthew 5:43 to 7:20  

Matthew 5:43 to 6:24

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Matthew 6:25 to 7:20


21) Love for Enemies - Matthew 5:43-48

22) Giving to the needy - Matthew 6:1-4

23) Prayer - Matthew 6:5-15

24) Fasting - Matthew 6:16-18

25) Treasures in Heaven - Matthew 6:19-24

26) Do Not Worry - Matthew 6:25-34

27) Judging Others - Matthew 7:1-6

28) Ask, Seek, Knock - Matthew 7:7-12

29) The Narrow & Wide Gates - Matthew 7:13-14

30) True and False Prophets - Matthew 7:15-20

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Let Us Pray: Dear Heavenly Father we pray for you to give us wisdom and guidance to learning your Holy Words

and ways, so that we may become better children, and servants of yours that we may by our actions, behaviors and

words glorify you among the unbelieving and the believers of this world. AMEN!

21) Love For Enemies - Matthew 5:43-48 - 

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

a) Matthew :5:43 - Times of Old, Hate Your Enemy - Jesus Christ our Lord here reminds us of the Times of Old,

as far as loving our Neighbor, that is the Jews only Loving their own people (The Jews) and hating all others,

(the Non-Jews).

b) Matthew 5:44-45 - Our Hearts contain Peace by Loving our Enemies - By loving our enemies, even if they

do or say cruel things to us, we keep the love, joy and peace in our hearts, but if we hate our enemies, the Joy

of the Lord Jesus Christ, the peace in our hearts leave us, and then we become just like our enemies that hate.

We become hateful and bitter, even towards those that we do not hate. So let us LOVE OUR ENEMIES! And

then as the Beatitudes states, we shall be called sons of God. God not only raise the sun on us, not only gives

food and water to us, he also gives all of that and more to those who are evil and hate him as well.

c) Matthew 5:46-47 - Love those who do not Love you - Just as God Loves those who do not love him, so shall

we love those who do not love us Love others do not mean that God ever approves of their evil, no he never

will. Nor shall we ever approve of our own sins or the sins of others. And it is easy to love those who love us,

who do good to us. But instead we shall love those who despise us, and do evil to us. And by loving others that

do not love us, then we shall have our reward in heaven, our crown of Life forever more. AMEN!

d) Matthew 5:48 - Be Perfect through Love - As our Father God is perfect through his love and his truth, we to

shall be perfect through our Love for others and the truth, that is Jesus Christ that we live by and live through.!

22) Giving to the Needy - Matthew 6:1-4 -

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

MSN Works Dictionary 9,

a) Matthew 6:1-2 - Keep Charitable Deeds Secret - Let us remain humble and when we do good to others, let

it been done in secret not openly in order for others to see or know about, in doing our deeds in secret God will

bless us (reward us) other wise he will not bless us at all.

b) Matthew 6:3-4 - Do not focus on our good deeds - Even in our hearts, our private thoughts let us not focus,

or think on any good deed hat we have done. Let us not even puff our selves up, nor brag to our selves in our

inner hearts and private thoughts.

23) Prayer - Matthew 6:5-15 

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

MSN Works Dictionary 9,

a) Matthew 6:5-6 - Do not pray like the hypocrites - Even in today's times, the Jews still pray to be seen by

others, on the streets and at the wailing wall. There are also some Christians who do the same thing in the

churches, in bible study groups and such. We are not to put on a show per say for others to see, like look at me

I am godly type of attitude that covers up who they really are in their own hearts. God will not reward us.  But

we should pour out our souls to God in private, in prayer and in doing so God will reward us openly.

b) Matthew 6:7-8 - Do Not Pray the Same things over & over - We should not keep asking God for the same

things over and over like the heathens do in vain repetitions such as keep asking God for a raise at our job, a

healing, or anything else that is a repeat of previous prayers treating God like he can't hear, because God already

knows what our "NEEDS" are before we ever ask him.

(Definition of Repetition) - (MSN Works Dictionary 9) - rep·e·ti·tion [rèppə tísh'n] (plural rep·e·ti·tions) 

n - 1) repeating of something: an act of doing something again. 2) something same as before: an event or

situation that is the same as one that happened previously. 3) procedure of stating something again: the act

or process of saying or writing something again.4) repeated words: something that is repeated, especially

unnecessary words. - [Early 16th century. Via French < Latinrepetition- < repetere "demand again"]

(Definition of Heathen) - (MSN Works 9 Dictionary) - hea·then [hən] - (plural hea·thens or 

hea·then) n - 1) an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody who does not acknowledge the God of

the Bible, Torah, or Koran. 2) an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's way of life, degree of

knowledge, or nonbelief in religion. - [ Old English hāþen < Germanic, "heath"]

c) Matthew 6:9-13 - This How to Pray - In this way we shall pray; 1) Our Father, Hallowed be your name, (this

is Gods name is to be kept Holy with Respect), 2) His Kingdom come, (his power & rule over all, That is Jesus

Christ, Messiah Comes), his will be done (that is his desire, his plans for his good pleasure) 3) Our daily bread

(that is give us our daily needs, food, water, home etc), NOT GREED'S! 4) Forgive us our debts (what we

owe financially, we owe honor, we owe respect, so on) as we forgive others, (we forgive those who owe us

money, honor, respect and so on)  5) Not let us be tempted (that is by sin, that can cause us to sin), keep satan

away from us, that he may not tempt us with evil, For God is all powerful with his kingdom, and his wonderful


(Definition of Hallowed) - (MSN Works Dictionary 9) - hal·lowed [hállōd] adj - 1) sanctified: holy or

kept for religious use 2) respected: regarded with great respect or reverence.

d) Matthew 6:14-15 - Forgive others as God Forgives us - We should always forgive others of their sins

(wrong doings) against us, forgive their trespasses against us, as God has forgiven our sins, our trespasses 

(wrong doings against him).

(Definition of Trespass) - (MSN Works Dictionary 9) - tres·pass [tréspəss, tréss pàss] vi (past and past participle tres· passed, present participle tres·pass·ing, 3rd person present singular tres·pass·es) - 

2) break moral or social law: to commit a sin or break a social law (archaic) -  n (plural tres·pass·es) - 

2) sin: a sin or act of wrongdoing (archaic).

24) Fasting  - Matthew 6:16-18 - Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search

Engine, Other Biblical Resources, MSN Works Dictionary 9, Bible Exposition Commentary NT,

a) Matthew 6:16 - Do not appear to be Fasting - We should not have the appearance of fasting, nor let anyone

else know about it as the hypocrites do to be seen and noticed by others. They want praise from mankind rather

than from God, in that they will not be blessed. That is they will not receive spiritual blessings.

b) Matthew 6:17-18 - Fast in Secret - We should let our appearance be normal, like we usually look, and have

no appearance of fasting so that our fasting will be a secret thing and in doing so God will bless us (Reward) us

openly, he will honor our humbleness as we walk in humility.

c) Definition of Fasting - Nelson's Bible Dictionary - FAST, FASTING - Going without food or drink voluntarily,

generally for religious purposes. Fasting, however, could also be done for other reasons. It was sometimes done 

as a sign of distress, grief, or repentance. The law of Moses specifically required fasting for only one occasion-

the DAY OF ATONEMENT. This custom resulted in calling this day "the day of fasting" (Jeremiah 36:6) or 

"the Fast" (Acts 27:9)

Fasting was often done by individuals in times of distress. David fasted after hearing that Saul and Jonathan 

were dead (2 Samuel 1:12).Nehemiah fasted and prayed upon learning that Jerusalem had remained in ruins

since its destruction (Nehemiah 1:4). Darius, the king of Persia, fasted all night after placing Daniel in the lions' 

den (Daniel 6:18).

Fasting also occurs in the New Testament. Anna at the Temple "served God with fastings and prayers night and 

day" (Luke 2:37). John the Baptist led his disciples to fast (Mark 2:18). Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights 

before His temptation (Matthew 4:2). Using a marriage-feast comparison, however, Jesus insisted that fasting 

was not suitable for His disciples as long as He, the Bridegroom, was with them (Matthew 9:14-15;

Mark 2:18-20; Luke 5:33-35).

25) Treasures in Heaven - Matthew 6:19-24 To Top^  

a) Matthew 6:19 - We are not to live for the things of this world - There is nothing wrong with owning things as

long as they do not own us and they are with-in reason, not in luxury. If they owned us then that would be

Idolatry to which is sin. We are not to be materialistic (greedy) to which is a sin. Our aim in life should not be

material gain, but instead we shall live for the Glory of God and the Hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

b) Matthew 6:20 - We should live for the Glory of God - WE should work for spiritual things rather than

material things, we shall work for the Glory of God, the Hope that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. We must

seek first the kingdom of God, not the kingdoms of this world or the things of it.

c) Matthew 6:21 - In Our Hearts is Our Treasures - It is dangerous to our souls if we get more excited about the

things of this world than the things of God. What's in our hearts is how we conduct and live out our daily lives.

What's on our hearts the most, the things of God and his Holy Words or the things of this world? We must not

covet, be greedy or materialistic ever!

d) Matthew 6:22 - If You do not Covet - The meaning of this is if your eye is set on the things of God, focuses on

the things of God, if we do not covet at all, then your heart, your mind and your entire body will be good and

contented with what God has given and done for you.

e) Matthew 6:23 - If You do Covet - But if we do focus on our neighbors prosperity, the things of this world and

the ambitions of it then not only will our eye be bad, but also our hearts, our minds and our entire bodies will be


f) Matthew 6:24 - Serve God Only - If our focus is mainly on money and the things of this world then we are

committing Idolatry and therefore making money & other things our God instead of the one True God of

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You who are lovers of pleasure, lovers of money, and lovers of yourselves are

committing Idolatry, but for those who are more intent on God, loving him, loving your neighbors, and content

on serving God, you are pleasing to God, and you are the true children of God!

Your Treasure that is more valuable than anyone or anything is God & his Kingdom through Jesus Christ!

26) Do Not Worry - Matthew 6:25-34 

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

a) Matthew 6:25 - Life & Body is more Important - The life & the Body that our Father God has given us is

more important than the food that we eat, or what we drink, and more important than the clothing that we wear,

so then let us not worry about those things but instead let us rejoice in the Lord and praise him.

b) Matthew 6:26 - God Feeds Us - God provide to us the animals & plants to us for food just as he provides

food for the birds of the air and yet the birds do not gather and store up because they know that there is more

food out there for them to eat for their young and for them selves. So let us not worry about what we will eat

and the food being available for us.

c) Matthew 6:27 - Can our worrying change anything? - Can our worrying, and the anxiety of that change

anything or make anything better? Of Course not! Then why do we bother with worrying? The #1 killer of men

is stress and that is the result of worrying. So let us prolong our life and do not worry. So let us trust in the Lord

and do the best we are able to do in this life.

d) Matthew 6:28-30 - Do not worry about Clothing, You of little faith - Even the lilies of the field do not labor

and yet God has clothed  them in their vast array, their splendor and beauty that is better arrayed than any king

has ever been or ever will be.God will provide for us, so we must trust him to provide for us.

e) Matthew 6:31-32 - Do not Worry about Food, Drink or Clothing - Let us not be worldly and carnal like the

non-christians and worrying about things, because God already knows what we need before we even ask him.

So let us not ask him for those things, let us trust in him to provide what we need instead.

f) Matthew 6:33 - Seek First Gods Kingdom & His Righteousness - So let us seek the things of God, Gods

will, Gods Holiness & he will see that we have the things that we need.  Let us meditate on the Holy Words of

God and to be obedient to God with our Faith and in our Faith he will provide for our daily needs.

g) Matthew 6:34 - Do Not Worry About Tomorrow - So let us not be concerned about tomorrow, the next

week, the next month or the next year even, but let us be concerned about today, where we are at today, for it

has enough concerns for us to deal with and in this we shall not be overloaded, over stressed with concerns

beyond today, so therefore if we do that then we will not be overly stressed, if even stressed at all. So let us

trust in the Lord to get us through today and through the rest of the year, and he will provide for our daily needs.

27) Judging Others - Matthew 7:1-6 To Top^

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

a) Matthew 7:1-2 - The Same Harshness we sue will be used on us - As in 2Sam 12:1-15 is a good example of

what our Lord Jesus Christ is talking about by using David's sin & David's Judgment regarding the rich man &

the poor man story that Nathan the prophet told David about. The Rich man took the poor mans only lamb just

as David took Uriah's only Wife and killed the lamb for his guest just as David as killed Uriah to cover up his

sin of Adultery and because of that, David using Ammon's sword killed Uriah.

At the end of the story that Nathan told, David said the rich man should be put to death. So in that David

condemned his household, that the sword will never leave his household, their future generations, and the child

to be born from the woman that David committed Adultery with, also died.

b) Matthew 7:3-4 - Judge Our Selves First - Before we look at others need, or to try to help others overcome

their sins, we must first take the mirror and and look in it at our own sins, that is our hearts and minds, and then

confess those sins. Apostle Paul explains this well in Romans 2:21-22, you who say "do not commit adultery,

do you commit adultery?

c) Matthew 7:5 - First Stop Sinning - For example if we say do not steal, then we must stop stealing, and then

we do have  Jesus permission, to help our brother to stop stealing once we stop stealing, that is remove the

plank from our own eye.

d) Matthew 7:6 - Do not give to dogs what is sacred - This meaning is do not give anything that is Holy, Gods

Holy words communion etc to those inside of the church that causes strife, divisions, slander or back biting.

And do not give what's Holy to those outside of the church that refuses to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ

either. If you do those inside of the church or outside the church and turn and rip you to peaces in a manner

that is unfitting even to the unsaved.

28) Ask, Seek, Knock - Matthew 7:7-12 -

Study Resources Used;  PC Study Bible V5, NIV, ESV, Software Search Engine, Other Biblical Resources,

a) Matthew 7:7-8 - Earnestly Seek Salvation & Spiritual Blessings - This is not by any means meant for gaining

material goods or money as many false teachers, wolves in sheep's clothing claim.  Let us ask God for Salvation

& Spiritual Blessings with all of our sincere hearts, and God will give to us what we ask for, and let us seek after

that and we will find that salvation & spiritual blessings, and let us knock and God will open up to us his Holy

Truths, his Holy words and freedom in Jesus Christ to us.

b) Matthew 7:9-11 - God Gives us Good Gifts - Just as with our own children if he or she ask for pizza for lunch

would we give him/her rat poison instead? Of course not, so with that if we ask God to give us spiritual blessings

or help in our lives with a sincere and loving heart, if our motives are good, God will give us good gifts that is

good for us. This does not mean that he will give into a greedy and selfish person.

c) Matthew 7:12 - Obey The Law & Prophets by Loving Your Neighbor - Loving your neighbor never neglects

justice but in deserving cases mercy can be shown. So with that we are to treat others as we want treated, if we

want mercy shall we not show mercy, if we want respect shall we not show respect, or if we want kindness

shall we not show kindness?

29) The Narrow & Wide Gates - Matthew 7:13-14 - To Top^

a) Matthew 7:13 - Few Enter through the Narrow Gate - There are not any that will enter the Kingdom of

Heaven because their are very few who will actually deny their selves (Mt 16:24a), their personal goals, their

selves in service (Matthew 25:14-30, 19:27-30)) to and their entire lives for Jesus Christ.  There  are only a

slight few that will pick up their cross (Mt 24:24b) and share in the persecutions and sufferings of our Lord

Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:9-14, 1 Peter 4:12-18).

And then only a few will follow Jesus Christ (Mt 16:24c) in sharing their faith with the lost (Matthew 28:19-20),

not many will study, and learn the meanings of Jesus Christ teachings, not many will obey his teachings, not many

will remain in Christ (John 15:4-10).  For many in the churches the seed (words of God/good news) fell on bad

soil etc and when worldly, or troubles comes they fall away from the Faith (Mt 13:18-23). Most do fall away

from the faith (Mt 11:6, 26:31, Mark 4:17, Luke 8:13, 2 Thess 2:3).

b) Matthew 7:14 - Most enter the wide Gate - The reason why so many do enters through the wide Gate that

lead to hell) is because most people love their sins, the ways of this world, man made religions, make their selves

out to be their own God instead of repenting, loving and obeying God through our Lord Jesus Christ!  They love

pleasure, money, and all of the things and ways of this wickedness of world rather than God himself through his

son Jesus Christ! (2 Timothy 3:1-4).  So in that if we read further even the people in the churches are no better

than the wickedness of the rest of the world (2 Timothy 3:5-9).

Yet James said  James 4:4 You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred 

toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

30) True and False Prophets - Matthew 7:15-20 - 

a) Matthew 7:15-16 - They Bring False Doctrines for False Righteousness - These are not only false prophets,

they are false pastors, bishops, priest, elders, teachers and lay people who pretend that they are ministers of the

light (Jesus Christ) & they bring false doctrines, that only give a false form of righteousness, a false salvation. It

was Satan that has planted these people in the church. Since no one gathers grapes from thorn bushes, then why

try to gather Gods Holy Truths from those who are of Satan instead of God?

b) Matthew 7:17-18 - A False Hope, a False Righteousness - A False Preacher (bad tree) can not create true

Christians (good fruit) , but only false Christians (bad fruit), but a God Fearing Preacher (good tree) can & does

produce true Christians (Good Fruit).

c) Matthew 7:19-20 - False Preachers sent to Hell - The false preachers & teachers (bad tree) that can not and

does not create true Christians (good fruit) will be tossed into hell to where the fire never goes out.

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