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Matthew7:21 to 9:13  

Matthew 7:21 to 8:17

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Matthew 8:18 to 9:13


31) True and False Disciples - Matthew 7:21-23

32) The Wise and Foolish Builders - Matthew 7:24-29

33) Jesus heals a man with Leprosy - Matthew 8:1-4

34) The Faith of the Centurion - Matthew 8:5-13

35) Jesus heals many - Matthew 8:14-17

36) The cost of following Jesus - Matthew 8:18-22

37) Jesus calms the storm - Matthew 8:23-27

38) Jesus restores 2 Demon poss'd m.. - Matthew 8:28-34

39) Jesus Forgives, Heals Paralyzed man - Matthew 9:1-8

40) The calling of Matthew - Matthew 9:9-13

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Let Us Pray: Dear Heavenly Father we pray for you to give us wisdom and guidance to learning your Holy Words

and ways, so that we may become better children, and servants of yours that we may by our actions, behaviors and

words glorify you among the unbelieving and the believers of this world. AMEN!

31) True and False Disciples - Matthew 7:21-23

a) Matthew 7:21 - Do the will of God to enter heaven - In this scripture, not all who call Jesus Lord, not all who say they are

Christian will enter heaven. Instead they shall enter the lake of Fire the great Judgment of God has come upon them. Only those who obey God, who through the Holy Spirit has the power, to learn and obey God and his Holy Commandments with Love in their hearts towards God and towards their neighbors. They are those who obey the "Laws of Love", that is the 2 greatest commandments to which is the brief summary of the 10 commandments.

b) Matthew 7:22 - They do things in Jesus Name - These are professing Christians who claim to do all sorts of things using

spiritual powers in the name of Jesus Christ. These are people who claim the name of Jesus Christ and yet they will not

enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Claiming Jesus as Lord and doing anything in his name DOES NOT guarantee a person a

place in heaven because they practice sin (Mt 7:23, Gal 5:21-26, 1Co 6:9-11, Eph 5:5-7), they think there is nothing wrong with sin, or they take sin very lightly.  They show no love to their neighbors (Mat 22:36-40, Rom 13:9, Gal 5:14, Jas 2:8).

c) Matthew 7:23 - Jesus Christ Never Knew Them - This is those who openly in public proclaim Jesus Christ, but in their own

hearts and minds, and in their daily actions, they act like unrepentant sinners instead. They have no real love to God, to their neighbors or to their enemies or the poor, the oppressed, or those that are hurting people, they have no compassion. And they do not obey Gods commandments, "The Laws of Love".

32) The Wise and Foolish Builders - Matthew 7:24-29

a) Matthew 7:24-25 - Knowledge with Obedience is True Faith - This is those that not only hears the Teachings of Jesus

Christ, but those  that also do what he says, apply them to their daily lives, even when the storms of life comes, when the persecutions, and bad times comes, those are the only ones that will stand and enter into eternal life on Judgment Day. We will be judged by what we have done in this life according to our deeds because our life, our entire souls are founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ and not on the ways of this wicked world.

b) Matthew 7:26-27 - Knowledge with no obedience is a false faith - This is those that have the knowledge of scriptures, but

instead of doing what Jesus Christ say in his teachings these people of a false faith do as the world does, their foundation

is the things of this wicked world and its ways rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ, these are those who do not hear the voice of Jesus Christ, the weeds among the wheat, they even have the form of Godliness and deny the power of our Lord & our Lord Jesus Christ. They call Jesus Lord and do not do what he says.

c) Matthew 7:28-29 - Jesus Taught with Authority - The people were very impressed with Jesus teachings because he taught

with firmness, sincerity and Absolute Authority. Not like the church leaders of his day that has no authority and most of the

talk no approval from God because of their hypocritical ways.

33) Jesus heals a man with Leprosy - Matthew 8:1-4 - To Top^

a) WHY DID JESUS CHRIST HEAL PEOPLE? - 1) Jesus didn't like to see people suffer, 2) To show us what Faith in him is

capable of doing 3) To show his power and authority 4) To glorify God

b) Matthew 8:1-2 - If its the Lords Will - A man with leprosy came to Jesus and asking him "IF" it his Jesus Will, not the

mans will, not a word of so-called faith, but Jesus will, if Jesus wants to heal the man of leprosy. This man had the faith

to be healed but only if Jesus wants to be healed.

(WebMD Explains Leprosy) - Leprosy is an infectious disease that causes severe, disfiguring skin sores and nerve

damage in the arms and legs. The disease has been around since the beginning of time, often surrounded by terrifying, negative stigma and tales of leprosy patients being shunned as outcasts. At one time or another outbreaks of leprosy

have affected, and panicked, people on every continent. The oldest civilizations of China, Egypt, and India feared leprosy

 was an incurable, mutilating, and contagious disease. However, leprosy is actually not highly contagious.

 You can catch it only if you come into close and repeated contact with nose and mouth droplets from someone with

untreated, severe leprosy. Children are more likely to get leprosy than adults. Learn More >>

c) Matthew 8:3 - Immediately Healed - Jesus did not do a song and dance per say as some Pentecostal churches do, instead

Jesus just simply touched the man and he was instantly healed, immediately healed. The healings of God usually are done immediately not over a length of time.

d) Matthew 8:4 - Tell No One - After Jesus healed him he told the man to tell no one because Jesus did not want the people,

Jewish leaders, or the Roman Empire government to know that he was the Messiah and he if the people would have known they would have proclaimed him king. So Jesus as the law stated to go and show himself to the Priest Lev 14:4, that

consisted of 2 clean living birds, and some cedar wood with scarlet and hyssop.

34) The Faith of the Centurion - Matthew 8:5-13

a) Matthew 8:5-8 - A Soldiers Love for His Servant - This Roman Centurions (a gentile) had so much love for his servant

that was in terrible condition, that he went to Jesus and referred to Jesus as "Lord" so that Jesus would heal his servant.

Even though Jesus offered to go to the Centurions home to heal his servant, the Centurion has such a great Faith that he

said only speak a word and my servant will be healed.

b) Matthew 8:9 - The Centurion Confirms Jesus Authority - The Centurion confirms that Jesus has complete authority by

 using his own authority as an example, in this the Centurion also confirms his own great faith in Jesus Christ.

c) Matthew 8:10 - No Greater Faith than this - Oh yes Jesus said regarding this "GENTILE CENTURION" that no one has

a greater Faith than him, not even the Jews because this Gentile Centurion Soldier unlike the Jews and even the most of

the modern day Christian believed Jesus words, "ALL OF THEM" as was counted as righteous for believing Jesus as

Abraham was counted righteous for believing God.

d) Matthew 8:11-12 - Gentiles Will Enter Heaven - Jesus said "many" (Gentiles) will come from the east and west and enter

the kingdom of heaven, but the sons of the kingdom (Jews) will enter the lake of fire (hell) because they had no faith, and without Faith even in the Old Testament a person can not be saved.

e) Matthew 8:13 - According to the Centurions Faith - So since the Gentile Centurion had such great faith in Jesus Christ

Words, a great miracle took place at the same hour. This shows us if we believe not at all, then nothing will be done for us,

or if we believe any a little, then only a little will be done for us, but if we completely believe then major things will be done

for us.

35) Jesus heals many - Matthew 8:14-17 - To Top^

a) Matthew 8:14 - Peter Having a Wife - This verse shows us that Peter was married, but as far as him having children we do

not know, but it is very likely that he did have children. Peters mother in-law seemed to have such a high fever that she may have been bed ridden because of it.

b) Matthew 8:15 - Peters Mother in-law healed - This shows us that as soon as Peters mother in-law was healed, a instant

healing to which when anyone is healed by Jesus Christ him self it is instant, not over a period of time.

36) The cost of following Jesus - Matthew 8:18-22 - 

a) Matthew 8:16 - Jesus Heals with a Word - Jesus heals and cast out demons with a word, there were no jumping up and

down and yelling out his prayers like many Pentecostal type of churches do.  And this verse we can assume means after sundown Sabbath, many were brought to Jesus to been healed, because the Jews did observe the Sabbath with a misunderstanding of the Sabbath that it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath (Mt 12:9-13)

b) Matthew 8:17 - Prophecy Concerning Jesus Fulfilled - (See Adam Clarkes Commentary) - The region of Judea abounded

in demon posses and sick people because of their addictions to magic and sorcery that invited demon possession.  And it

was the demons that made them physical sick as well. Jesus shows us that no one is to evil or to bad of people to be

delivered and healed, even the worse of the worse. So this has also fulfilled another prophecy concerning our Lord Jesus

Christ in Isaiah.

37) Jesus calms the storm - Matthew 8:23-27

a) Matthew 8:23-24 - The Storms of Life - This is a example of the storms of Life that will come upon the Christian, and as

average humans with our emotions we give into fear, we look at the situation rather than have a better Faith in our Lord

Jesus Christ.

b) Matthew 8:25 - They Went to Jesus saying, Lord Save Us - The disciples as most humans would do, is to fear fro the

worse, they thought they were going to die, so when the storms of Life came upon them, they went to Jesus and ask him

to save them from those storms.

c) Matthew 8:26 - Jesus Delivered them - Even though the disciples had very little Faith in Jesus Christ, Jesus saved them

from the storm, the storms of Life, but Jesus WAS NOT happy with them because of their lack of Faith in him.

d) Matthew 8:27 - Who is this Jesus - When Jesus Christ calmed the storm, the disciple were amazed, very shocked that

even the winds & waves obeyed Jesus. Then they really asked Who is this Man. This insured them that Jesus is the son

of God with power.

38) Jesus restores 2 demon possessed men - Matthew 8:28-34 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Bible, PC Study Bible, Biblical Map,

a) Matthew 8:28 - Power of Jesus Christ Displayed Again - Jesus & Disciples came to the South East part of the Sea

of Galilee, the Garadenes region.  The 2 demon possessed men had absolutely no control over them selves, the demons

had so much control over those 2 men, that they acted as if they were completely insane beyond imagination.  This is

demon possession, to where a person has unbelievable strength and no control over their selves at all.

b) Matthew 8:29 - Even the Demons Knew - Here we noticed that the demons #1 knows that Jesus Christ has all authority

over them and that Jesus Christ is the son of God to the point that they are extremely terrorized of Jesus Christ.  And #2

The demons also knows of their future punishment and torment in the lake of fire and there is no way out for them!

c) Matthew 8:30-32 - The demons obeyed Jesus Christ - The demons so fearful of Jesus Christ, that they were willing to be

to a herd of disgusting pigs!  Rather than be cast out without possessing a person or animal.  For some reason, I'm not

sure that just had to possess something, maybe like find a home?

d) Matthew 8:33-34 - The town people very afraid of Jesus - The gentile men that were attending pigs, got very fearful and

ran and told the towns people all that took place, and that made them all extremely afraid since they have never known

of anyone with such power and miracles that is able to cast out demons and the 2000 or so pigs went insane and drowned

in the lake

39) Jesus Forgives & Heals a Paralyzed man - Matthew 9:1-8 - 

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Easton's Bible Dictionary,

a) Matthew 9:1-2 - Jesus Forgives Sins Cause of Faith - Since walking takes longer to go to his home town, he got into a

 boat and traveled to the other side. He still had to do some walking to get to Nazareth since the city was not next to the

sea of Galilee. The people brought to Jesus a man who was paralyzed, and because of the Faith he not only healed the

man he also forgive the mans sins.

b) Matthew 9:3-6 - Jesus has the Power to Forgive sins - The scribes with evil in their hearts, accused Jesus of Blasphemy

because he has forgiven the sins of the paralyzed man. So Jesus shows the scribes and all around him that he being the

son of God has the power to forgive sins.

(Definition Scribe) - Easton's Bible Dictionary - Scribes  anciently held various important offices in the public affairs

of the nation. The Hebrew word so rendered (sopher) is first used to designate the holder of some military office

(Judges 5:14; A.V., "pen of the writer;" R.V., "the marshal's staff;" marg., "the staff of the scribe"). The scribes acted as secretaries of state, whose business it was to prepare and issue decrees in the name of the king (2 Samuel 8:17; 20:25;

1 Chronicles 18:16; 24:6; 1 Kings 4:3; 2 Kings 12:9-11; 18:18-37, etc.). They discharged various other important public

duties as men of high authority and influence in the affairs of state.

(See Easton's Bible Dictionary for More on this)

c) Matthew 9:7-8 - The Crowds Marveled - The crowds were so amazed that God would give such power to a man not

realizing that Jesus Christ  is the son of God, our Messiah with the keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

40) The calling of Matthew - Matthew 9:9-13 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5,

a) Matthew 9:9-10 - Jesus Ate with Sinners - In those days like today tax collectors (IRS Agents) were feared, the prostitutes,

the thieves and so on were hated and yet our Lord Jesus Christ called the refuge, the despised of the world to be his disciple and follow him. Matthew without hesitation did just that. Matthew left everything including his Job and the current activity that he was doing for those that he worked for. And evidently it may have been Matthews house that Jesus went to and sat down with other tax collectors & sinners.

b) Matthew 9:11 - The Pharisees, Hypocrites Looked down on Sinners & Jesus - The Pharisees in their unloving and

hypocritical ways thought it was very wrong for Jesus to associate himself with sinners and tax collectors, because the Pharisees thought of them selves above that sort of thing, they were self righteous rather than of true righteousness that is given to us from God himself.

c) Matthew 9:12 - The Sick Needs a Doctor - Jesus pointed out to the Pharisees that it is the sick (sinner) who needs a

doctor (savior) and those who are righteous (self righteous) don't need a doctor (savior) even though all people need a savior,

a healing of their souls, but the Pharisees already think that they are fine and righteous, even though in truth they are lost souls.

d) Matthew 9:13 - Sinners Called to Repentance - Jesus told the Pharisees (church leaders) go and learn what that means

referring to "Those who are well have no need for of a physician, but those who are sick. Evidently the Pharisees (Church Leaders) had no idea of what Jesus Meant and they to are sinners, the sick that they need a doctor, to which they thought

that they were fine. And Jesus continued in saying I desire Mercy, meaning he wants mercy shown to sinners rather than sacrificing them to the lake of fire, that the sinners remaining lost forever. He wants all people to be saved by calling all

people to come to repentance.

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