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Matthew 9:14 to 12:21  

Matthew 9:14 to 10:42

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Matthew 11:1  to 12:21


41) Jesus questioned about Fasting - Matthew 9:14-17

42) Jesus raises dead girl/heals woman -Matthew 9:18 26

43) Jesus heals the blind & the mute - Matthew 9:27-34

44) The workers are few - Matthew 9:35-38

45) Jesus sends out the twelve - Matthew 10:1-42

46) Jesus & John the Baptist.. - Matthew 11:1-19

47) Woe on unrepentant Towns - Matthew 11:20-24

48) The Father revealed in the son - Matthew 11:25-30

49) Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath - Matthew 12:1-14

50) Gods chosen servant - Matthew 12:15-21

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Let Us Pray: Dear Heavenly Father we pray for you to give us wisdom and guidance to learning your Holy Words and ways, so that we may become better children, and servants of yours that we may by our actions, behaviors and words glorify you among the unbelieving and the believers of this world. AMEN!

41) Jesus questioned about Fasting - Matthew 9:14-17 - 

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Barnes Commentary Notes, Nelson's Bible Dictionary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Adam Clarkes Commentary,

a) Matthew 9:14 - Why Jesus Disciples Not Fast - It was custom of the land for Jews to fast, and it is that reason that John's

disciples that it was strange that Jesus Christ disciples were not fasting.  Especially since they were fasting as a expression

of sorrow that John the Baptist was placed in prison. 

What is Biblical Fasting? - Nelson's Bible Dictionary - FAST, FASTING  Going without food or drink voluntarily, generally forreligious purposes. Fasting, however, could also be done for other reasons. It was sometimes done as a sign of distress, grief,or repentance. The law of Moses specifically required fasting for only one occasion-the DAY OF ATONEMENT. This customresulted in calling this day "the day of fasting" (Jeremiah 36:6) or "the Fast" (Acts 27:9).....................More >

<..........More -  Going without food or water was not automatically effective in accomplishing the desires of those who fasted.In the prophet Isaiah's time, people complained that they had fasted and that God had not responded favorably (Isaiah 58:3-4). The prophet declared that the external show was futile. The fast that the Lord requires is to loose the bonds of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens, feed the hungry, shelter the poor, and clothe the naked (Isaiah 58:5-7)..............More >

Easton's Bible Dictionary <.........More - Fast  The sole fast required by the law of Moses was that of the great Day ofAtonement (q.v.), Leviticus 23:26-32. It is called "the fast" (Acts 27:9). The only other mention of a periodical fast in the Old Testament is in Zechariah 7:1-7; 8:19, from which it appears that during their captivity the Jews observed four annual fasts.

(1.) The fast of the fourth month, kept on the seventeenth day of Tammuz, the anniversary of the capture of Jerusalem by theChaldeans; to commemorate also the incident recorded Exodus 32:19. (Comp. Jeremiah 52:6,7.)

(2.) The fast of the fifth month, kept on the ninth of Ab (comp. Numbers 14:27), to commemorate the burning of the city andtemple (Jeremiah 52:12,13).

(3.) The fast of the seventh month, kept on the third of Tisri (comp. 2 Kings 25), the anniversary of the murder of Gedaliah(Jeremiah 41:1,2).

(4.) The fast of the tenth month (comp. Jeremiah 52:4; Ezekiel 33:21; 2 Kings 25:1), to commemorate the beginning of thesiege of the holy city by Nebuchadnezzar.

There was in addition to these the fast appointed by Esther (4:16).

Public national fasts on account of sin or to supplicate divine favour were sometimes held. (1.) 1 Samuel 7:6; (2.) 2 Chronicles 20:3; (3.) Jeremiah 36:6-10; (4.) Nehemiah 9:1.

There were also local fasts. (1.) Judges 20:26; (2.) 2 Samuel 1:12; (3.) 1 Samuel 31:13; (4.) 1 Kings 21:9-12; (5.) Ezra 8:21-23: (6.) Jonah 3:5-9.

There are many instances of private occasional fasting (1 Samuel 1:7; 20:34; 2 Samuel 3:35; 12:16; 1 Kings 21:27; Ezra 10:6; Nehemiah 1:4; Daniel 10:2,3). Moses fasted forty days (Exodus 24:18; 34:28), and so also did Elijah (1 Kings 19:8). Our Lord fasted forty days in the wilderness (Matthew 4:2).

In the lapse of time the practice of fasting was lamentably abused (Isaiah 58:4; Jeremiah 14:12; Zechariah 7:5). Our Lordrebuked the Pharisees for their hypocritical pretences in fasting (Matthew 6:16). He himself appointed no fast. The early Christians, however, observed the ordinary fasts according to the law of their fathers (Acts 13:3; 14:23; 2 Corinthians 6:5).

b) Matthew 9:15 - Fasting to be done When Jesus Is Crucified - Jesus was letting John's disciples know that Jesus disciples

will fast after Jesus is taken up to heaven, to be away from his disciples.  But once his disciples (& we) are to be with our

Lord Jesus Christ once again we will no longer fast to which is a distress, being away from Jesus physically, but instead we will forever more rejoice!

c) Matthew 9:16-17 - Old Covenant & New Can Not be Joined - The Old Covenant, can not remain in effect so that the New

Covenant of Jesus Christ can take its place, as the new way of salvation for all, the Jew and the Gentile (Galatians 3:26-29).

If the Old Covenant remains then there could be no new covenant, a new contract between God and Mankind!  The Old covenant is passing away (Glory of the New Covenant 2Corinthians 3:7:18)!  So then now we glory to Jesus Christ to which saved us from our selves, our own wickedness! AMEN

42) Jesus raises dead girl/heals woman -Matthew 9:18 26 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Bible,

a) Matthew 9:18-19 - A Synagogue Leaders Faith - A Synagogue Leader came to Jesus in respect, possibly fell to the

ground in worship of Jesus and with his great faith that Jesus would bring his daughter back from the dead, from being

asleep, he told Jesus his daughter has died.

b) Matthew 9:20-22 - A Women's Faith - This women had such Great Faith that she said to her self "If only I may touch His

garment, I shall be  made well". She was afraid because of her unclean sickness, that she might offend Jesus since the

Jews weren't allowed to have anything to do with the unclean (Leviticus 5:3, 12:1-2, Isaiah 52:11). 

c) Matthew 9:23-24 - The Girl Was "Asleep (Mt 9:24)" (Dead) - When Jesus mentioned the girl is sleeping, this was meant

to mean that her body & soul is in a deep sleep, that she is dead. She is not in heaven nor is she in hell, she is in a deep sleep, unaware of anything, as someday we all will be asleep in the grave (Mt 9:24) until either Judgment Day for the unsaved or the rapture for the saved!   The crowd misunderstood this as meaning "asleep" like we do when we go to bed at night, and that is why they criticized Jesus.

See Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Bible - 2518 - NT:2518 NT:2518 kaqeu/dw katheudo (kath-yoo'-do); from NT:2596 and

heudo (to sleep); to lie down to rest, i.e. (by implication) to fall asleep (literally or figuratively):

d) Matthew 9:25-26 - The Girl Raised From The Dead - Because of Jarius Great Faith that in Jesus Christ that Jesus can bring

her back to life, Jesus went to the girl grabbed her hand and brought her back to life from her deep sleep.

e) Scriptures Asleep (Dead) in the Grave - Mt 9:24, Acts 7:60, 1CO !5:6, 15:18, 1Th 4:13, 4:15, 2Pe 3:4.

43) Jesus heals the blind & the mute - Matthew 9:27-34 -

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Greek/Hebrew Interlinear Bible, Barnes

commentary notes, Faucet's Bible Dictionary,

a) Matthew 9:27 - 2 Blind Men Confessed Jesus as Messiah - By calling Jesus Christ "Son of David" the two blind Jewish

men meant "Messiah" to which the Messiah genealogy line would come from, the throne of David (Mt 1:6-16). Jesus

Christ automatically inherit David's Throne as royalty, as Jesus is the son of God, God in the Flesh! 

Faucet's Bible Dictionary; THRONE (1) Of a king; (2) of a judge or a priest (Psalms 122:5). Solomon's throne (1 Kings 10:19) was a chair of ivory with circular back and arms, overlaid with gold, raised on six steps; on each side of each step was a lion of gold, and there was "a footstool of gold fastened to the throne" (2 Chronicles 9:18). Usually set on a dais and under a canopy(so the "rainbow about the throne" of the Almighty, Revelation 4:3). For "seats" translated, thrones in Revelation 4:4 andRevelation 11:16. So in Revelation 2:13 Satan mimics Christ's "throne." "Thrones" in Colossians 1:16 are a princely order of angels, higher than "dominions" or lordships.

Reclining or sitting on the ground being the usual postures, a chair marked dignity (2 Kings 4:10; Proverbs 9:14). To expressroyalty "throne of the kingdom" was the phrase (1 Kings 1:46). Elevation marked the king's throne, from whence Jehovah'sthrone is "high and lifted up" (Isaiah 6:1). "The throne of the governor" in Nehemiah 3:7 is his official house where his thronewas, on or near the city wall.

b) Matthew 9:28 - The 2 Blind Men's Great Faith - When the two blind men approached Jesus he questioned them to see if

they had Faith in him, and they without hesitation said yes knowing that Jesus Christ is the "Son of David" "The Messiah",

the savior of the world.

c) Matthew 9:29 - 2 Blind Men Healed According to their Faith - Jesus did heal these two men, but only according to their

Faith in Jesus Christ, that they have in him. If their faith was little Faith then only a little would be done to them or if they

have great faith then great healings would have be done to them. Jesus was very firm on this (Lack of Faith, Mt 13:58).

d) Matthew 9:30-31 - Jesus Wanted to Keep this Miracle a Secret - Jesus firmly warned the two men to not tell anyone, this

is so that Jesus can walk openly in the cities with out anyone wanting to stone him and such. But these two men went

bout through out telling others of this miracle that Jesus Christ has done for them. 

e) Matthew 9:32-33 - The Mute & Demon Possessed Man Healed - Thank God that here Jesus Christ drove out the demons,

and finally had a peace of mind to where he could finally speak!  Miracles in those days were so rare, especially since for 400 years God did not send any prophets and such to Israel that the Jews were completely amazed to what they have just witnessed! 

f) Matthew 9:34 - Pharisees Accused Jesus of being Evil - The Pharisees (Church Leaders) accuses Jesus Christ of being evil

by saying that he cast out demons by Satan, to which you and I know that is not true. Jesus Christ cast out demons by the power of God.

Definition of Pharisee From Hebrew/Greek Interlinear Bible - NT:5330 - NT:5330 Farisai=o$ Pharisaios (far-is-ah'-yos); of Hebrew origin [compare OT:6567]; a separatist, i.e. exclusively religious; a Pharisean, i.e. Jewish sectary:

44) The workers are few - Matthew 9:35-38 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Matthew Henries Commentary,

a) Matthew 9:35 - Jesus Taught, Preached & Healed - It seems in those days that there were many people that was very

sick and diseased. so Jesus Christ mot only healed them to show that he is from God with Gods power but he also used

that to draw people unto himself in order to preach to them the "Good News" of his KINGDOM!

b) Matthew 9:36 - Jesus Compassion For the People - Jesus Christ not only had compassion on the people because of their

sickness and diseases, but ESPECIALLY on their lost souls, their bondages of sin.  He was very concerned about their

souls for there was no one to preach the good news to them until now, until Jesus Christ has come unto them!

c) Matthew 9:37-38 - Teachers are Few - There are plenty of people to be (harvested, Saved)  in order to be gathered up and

 brought into the Barn (Kingdom of Heaven), but there is not enough preachers & teachers to usher them in, to preach the

good news to the people.  So Jesus Christ tells us to pray that the Lord (God) of the Harvest send out teachers to gather up the harvest, to bring them into the Barn.

45) Jesus sends out the twelve - Matthew 10:1-42

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Easton's Bible Dictionary, MSN Works Dictionary,

a) Matthew 10:1 - Disciples Receives Power - The disciples, "THE WORKERS" (Mt 9:35-38) even Judas the betrayer received

power from Jesus Christ to cast out demons, and to heal people of their sicknesses and disease.  Now we must note that

the power that Jesus Christ gave them was not used for their personal and selfish reasons, nor for financial profit or for

their own glory, but it was used for GODS GLORY!

Easton's Bible Dictionary Definition of Disciple  a scholar, sometimes applied to the followers of John the Baptist

(Matthew 9:14), and of the Pharisees (22:16)  but principally to the followers of Christ. A disciple of Christ is one who

(1) believes his doctrine, (2) rests on his sacrifice, (3) imbibes his spirit, and (4) imitates his example (Matthew 10:24;

Luke 14:26,27,33; John 6:69).

MSN Works Dictionary, Definition of Imbibe --- (See Definition of Disciple #3 -- 2. vt take in something mentally: to take in

and assimilate something such as an idea or experience (literary) 3. vti absorb something: to absorb moisture, gas, light, or heat (formal)

b) Matthew 10:2-4 - The 12 Apostles Names - Notice that even the betrayer Judas was called a Apostle of Jesus Chris, but he

betrayed his Lord Jesus Christ!  Later Judas was replaced with Mathias (Acts 1:23-26).  And notice that the 12 are now

called Apostles to which is a higher calling, position  than a regular disciple is. The Disciples; 1) Peter 2) Andrew 3) James

4) John 5) Philip 6) Bartholomew 7) Thomas 8) Matthew 9) James 10) Thaddaeus 11) Simon 12) Judas.

Easton's Bible Dictionary: Definition of Apostle  a person sent by another; a messenger; envoy. This word is once used as a descriptive designation of Jesus Christ, the Sent of the Father (Hebrews 3:1; John 20:21). It is, however, generally used as designating the body of disciples to whom he entrusted the organization of his church and the dissemination of his gospel, "the twelve," as they are called (Matthew 10:1-5; Mark 3:14; 6:7; Luke 6:13; 9:1). We have four lists of the apostles, one by each of the synoptic evangelists (Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16; Luke 6:14), and one in the Acts (1:13). No two of these lists, however, perfectly coincide.

c) Matthew 10:5-6 - Go Only to the Jews - Jesus Christ our Lord was giving the 12 disciples final instructions before sending

them out by sending them to the lost sheep of Israel, meaning unsaved Jews. It is written to the Jew first and then to the

gentile (Romans 1:16), also meaning if it be salvation or judgments. He forbid them from Going to the Gentiles & the Samaritans. The Samaritans tried to mix a little Judaism and Idolatry into their religious practices.

d) Matthew 10:7-8 - What the Disciples Should Preach & Do - Jesus Christ tells them to "Preach" the kingdom of heaven is

at hand, that is the reign, that is God draws us near through Jesus Chris for salvation. Jesus told the 12 disciples to heal

people and cast out demons, to show they through God has the power, in order to draw people to listen to them regarding

the Good News of Salvation and believe it, believe in Jesus Chris.,  When Jesus Christ said as your freely received, you

freely give, that is they are NOT to take any money, for healing people and casting our devils.  These disciples are as if in

a probation period to prove them selves worthy for this calling!

e) Matthew 10:9-10 - Disciples are Not to take anything Extra with them - Their needs will be provided for by the people to who

they heal, but only their needs, their bare essentials, and they wont be out there very long before they end up returning back

to Jesus Christ!  This is why they are not to take anything with them. The peoples hearts will open up to the disciples needs.

This is by way of food and water, not money!

f) Matthew 10:11-13 - Inquire in the Town Who is Worthy - Here Jesus Christ wants his disciples to search for a worthy

person (one who will accept them as Jesus disciples and listen to them regarding the good news).  If they find the worthy

person they are to stay in the house of that person until they finish preaching in that town and leave it. They are to bless

that home "IF" it is deserving, worthy of Jesus Christ!

g) Matthew 10-14-15 - The House or Town Will Receive Severe Judgment - Jesus Christ lets the disciple know that if the

home or town does not welcome them, or listen to them then they are to NOT bless them, and shake the dust (the smell,

the disgust etc) off of their feet for as Jesus Christ has said they are dogs, they are pigs (Matthew 7:6)!  It will be more

bearable on judgment day for Sodom and Gomorrah than it will be for those that rejects the Good News of Jesus Christ!

NOTE: Jesus Christ DID NOT tell them to pray for them, nor continuing to try and convince them of the good news after

they rejected Jesus Christ and his Holy Message of Salvation!

h) Matthew 10:16 - Sheep Among the Wolves - Jesus sends the disciples out as innocent and harmless to the people, but he

sends them out into a unfriendly and cruel world, especially to those of the world that hates truth, that hates GOD AND HIS SON Jesus Christ, those that are under the devils control.  And the devil wants to destroy Jesus Christ and his message of the Good News, as well the devil wants to destroy Jesus disciples, all of his servants, by the devil using his own servants for his evil bidding (Rev 12:4-5, 12:13, Mt 5:11, Lk 11:49, 21:12, Jn 15:20)  So in all of that Jesus is tell them all to be very sly, very smart, in preaching the good news so that they may not be captured, etc by the devils servants, and yet they are to be guiltless of sin.

i) Matthew 10:17-18 - The Disciples Will be Delivered to the Councils - Jesus is telling them to be on their guard, to not place

their selves in danger, to be cautious of the people that they come across, and Jesus tells them that they will be brought before government and religious councils because of their preaching the Good News, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. But the reason for this is so that they can be a testimony to the cities and the nations. Jesus also tells them that they will be whipped as well as other abuses that they will receive by the devils servants, those that are anti-Christ, the Jews and the gentiles that are against Christ and his teachings!.

j) Matthew 10:19-20 - The Holy Spirit Will Speak through them - Since most people of their days regarded Kings, Governors

etc close to deity as far as authority goes, Jesus comforts the disciples by telling them don't be anxious what to say,

because it will be the Spirit of God that will speak through them for it is not our selves that guides us, teaches us counsel us,

it the Holy Spirit that does all of that (John 14:16, 14:25-27), through us as we are servants of Jesus Christ!

k) Matthew 10:21-22 - The Disciples Will Be hated By All - We would normally think that our parents, our children, and even

our brothers or sisters would never do us any harm to us.  But Jesus was telling the Disciples that is not so. He was

confirming that because of religious differences (evil fighting good) that this will be. Those who are servants of the devil hates the servants of Jesus Christ!  As Jesus said before that your enemies will be that of your own household. He told them that everyone, including their own children and even spouses will hate them and even have them put to death. To which is what did happen and through out history has happened. Jesus tells them that if they stand firm (endure) in their faith in him, until their death, they will be saved.

l) Matthew 10:23 - Flee From the Unworthy City - Jesus Christ tells the disciples that if they are persecuted in a city, not

listened to or they are treat them rudely they are to flee to another city for that city is not worthy to hear the good news (Mt 10:11) for Jesus said that we should not throw our pearls (Good News) to pigs (Mt 7:6), and to be thrown out into hell (Mt 10:15)! Jesus said before, the city is not worthy to hear his Gospel nor are they worthy to receive the opportunity of Salvation, that the disciples should leave that unworthy city and go to another city to see if they are worthy to receive the opportunity of Salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not go through the cities until the son of man comes, most likely means the destruction of Jerusalem and their temple to which Israel was just about totally wiped out by the Roman Empire in 70AD!

m) Matthew 10:24-25 - A Disciple is to Be Like Jesus Christ - Jesus is letting them know that they not being above their

master is that they will receive the exact same treatment that Jesus got, the same kind of abuses and persecutions that

Jesus Christ got. They will receive mockery, beatings, and complete abuse from the people, and even death.  For true

disciples of Jesus Christ we are to expect the same treatment as Jesus and the disciple have gotten.  The world will always hate us because of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

n) Matthew 10:26 - Be Come Holy, Be Perfect,, Be Christ Like - He reminds them not to be afraid (Mt 10:28) of the unsaved

people because God sees and knows all things, no one can hide anything from him!  Jesus Christ is letting the disciples know that they will suffer the same sufferings that he has suffered (Ro 5:3, 8:17, 2Co 1:5, Php 3:10, 1Pe 4:13, 5:9).  That suffering that we suffer is following Jesus Christ being Christ Like (Col 3:10), does carry a heavy cost to their very lives in the ways of being mocked, of being called bad names. of being put into prison, hated by all nations on the account of Jesus Christ

(Mt 24:9,Jn 1:18,.15:24-25, 17:14),

 They will even be killed as well (Mt 21:35, 22:6, Mk 12:5-8, Acts 7:52).  This is why we must give up, all, and deny our selves(die to self, throw out who we once were and what goals we once had),  Since now our goals are new, to be servants of Christ, so carry your crosses as Jesus carried his to share in the SUFFERINGS of Jesus Christ, and now we are to follow him, be perfect (Mt 19:21), be Holy (Mt 5:48) Christ Like (Mt 10:24-25, 24:46, Jn 14:20),

study and learn the actual meaning of his teachings and then do them! AMEN

o) Matthew 10:27 - Proclaim The Teachings of Jesus Christ - Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches the disciples privately, he tells

them to proclaim them for all to hear, for all to witness. And this is so the Kingdom of God may be proclaimed in the hope that others may come to Gods saving grace through Jesus Christ.

p) Matthew 10:28 - Fear God & No Other - Jesus is comforting the disciples with the thought that mankind can only kill the

body, but not the soul. But Jesus confirms that we are to fear God that can destroy our body & our soul in Hell forever more. The Soul is our conscience, our thoughts & our feelings. Our Body is that which contains (holds) our conscience, thoughts, and feelings, the soul.  If anyone does not fear God, then they have no reverence or concept of his perfect Holiness, or his

power, his authority or who he even is!

Definition of Soul - From MSN Works 9 Dictionary - 1) nonphysical aspect of person: the complex of human attributes

that manifests as consciousness, thought, feeling, and will, regarded as distinct from the physical body - 2) feelings: a person's emotional and moral nature, where the most private thoughts and feelings are hidden - 3) spirit surviving death: in some systems of religious belief, the spiritual part of a human being that is believed to continue to exist after the body dies. The soul is sometimes regarded as subject to future reward and punishment, and sometimes as able to take a form that

allows it to remain on or return to earth.

q) Matthew 10:29-31 - We are very Important to God - Jesus let's us know that we are not worthless because each and

everyone of us are very important to God!  He does not want anyone to oerish in hell (2Pe 3:9)!  !God takes care of the sparrows the least valuable of creatures on earth, and God considers us much more valuable than them. That he is with us even if mankind tries to hurt or kill us.

r) Matthew 10:32-33 - Confess Jesus Before Men - If we are living the Christian life, in all that we do and say to our neighbors,

bosses, relatives and so on, that they will know that we are disciples of Jesus Christ!. We will bear good fruit (Mt 3:10, 7:17-19).But if we do not bear good fruit or if we deny Jesus Christ before men then will be cast out into outer darkness with the hypocrites, the murderer's the adultery's and so on where there is gnashing (Mt 13:40-43) of teeth (and if we love one another others will know that we are he disciples of Christ. So in that we are confessing Jesus Christ as our Lord.

s) Matthew 10:34-36 - Jesus Christ did not Come to Bring Peace - The meaning here that our Lord Jesus Christ is referring to

s that when a family members that converts to Christianity, will cause hostility between them and the rest of the family members that are not saved!  Evil hates truth and those that represent truth!  Those that opposes Jesus Christ they will

oppose you as well!. So the disruption of peace does not come from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, instead it comes from the wickedness of the unconverted family members, your unconverted friends, your bosses, your relatives and so one!. And because of that our enemies will be those with-in our ranks that is our own family members.

t) Matthew 10:37 - We Must Love Christ More than Family - If we love anyone, including our children, our parents, our relatives

or our friends and so on more than Jesus Christ, then we are not worthy of him, that is we will not have salvation over that

alone because then we would be committing Idolatry worshiping others instead of our God in Jesus Christ name, that is are treating others as our God rather than Jesus Christ. The 2 Greatest Commandments is #1 Love God #2 Love your neighbor,

for all of the laws and prophets hang on those two Great Commandments (Mt 22:37-40)

u) Matthew 10:38-39 - Share in the Persecutions of Jesus Christ - This is those who do not pick up their crosses, that is share

in the sufferings (Ro 8:17-18, 2Co 1:5-7, Php 3:10, 1Pe 4:13,5:9) and persecutions that Jesus Christ has suffered is not

worthy of Jesus Christ, that is, they will not have salvation. We shall suffer many things including and not limited to being mocked, receiving exclusion from people, called names. kept from jobs, and so on (Lk 11:49, 2Ti 3:12)). Jesus also says

who so ever does not take up his cross and follow him is not worthy of him (Mt 16:24-28)  The doors of heaven will be

closed to him or her that loves their own life more than Jesus Christ!  They do not remain in Christ so Christ will not remain

in them (Mt 15:4-17)!

w) Matthew 10:40 - Those That Receives Us - If anyone receives us because we are of God, that is followers of Jesus Christ,

with acceptance and kindness and hospitality also receives Jesus Christ, and God his Father at the same time, But those

that don't receive us, and listen to what we say regarding the good news, they will be looked at as if they were dogs, but

even worse as pigs (Mt 7:6, Rev 22:15)!

y) Matthew 10:41 - They Will Receive a Reward - Those that receives a righteous man, or a prophet because they are of God

and accept them as they have been called by God will receive the reward of a righteous man or a prophet, that is the blessings of God shall be given to those who has received the children, the servants of God through his son Jesus Christ!

z) Matthew 10:42 - Being Good to a Disciple - The words "little Ones" here does not refer to children, but instead refers to Gods

children, that is the disciples of Jesus Christ, namely us. So there isn't not many who would show kindness to a Disciple of Jesus Christ, for the slight few that would will receive a reward from God, that is blessings from God in one form or another.

46) Jesus & John the Baptist.. - Matthew 11:1-19 - To Top^

a) Matthew 11:1 - Jesus Preached in the Cities - Now as soon as Jesus finished his instructions to the 12 disciples & sent

them out to proclaim his Gospel, Jesus went by him self to preach and teach in the cities of the region.

b) Matthew 11:2-3 - Is Jesus Christ The Messiah? - While John the Baptist was in prison he heard about what Jesus was doing

his miracles & preaching the Kingdom of God is at hand, so John sent his disciples to Jesus to ask him is he the one, that is the Messiah, is Jesus the one that John had baptized and said John 1:29 "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin

of the world!, Or shall they look for some one else.

c) Matthew 11:4-6 - Jesus Confirms Who He is To John - After the disciples ask Jesus is he the Messiah, Jesus confirms that

he is by telling Johns disciples to tell John about the miracles that they see, & the poor has the good news preached to them. This is Jesus showing the fulfillment of Prophecy concerning the Messiah (Isaiah 61:1).

d) Matthew 11:7-11 - No Man Greater Than John The Baptist - Jesus begin to speak to the crowds concerning John as a

prophet, but not a ordinary prophet, this is mainly because John prepares the way for the coming of by giving the people instructions to receive Jesus Christ. And there is not greater honor and importance in all of the history of mankind than to prepare the way for the coming Messiah, Jesus the Christ.

e) Matthew 11:12 - The People Take the Kingdom of God By Force - That they pressed around John and Jesus Christ to hear

the good news preached because they are in a desperate need for salvation, a desperate need to repent and be forgiven.

f) Matthew 11:13-15 - Let Them Hear, & Receive It - From times of old, the laws (1st five books of bible) & the prophets (the

other OT books of Bible) has prophesied until John came to prepare the way. So in that John is the Elijah because John is similar in spirit & power of Elijah, to which is totally different from what the Jews expected.

g) Matthew 11:16-19 - Nothing Pleases Them - Here Jesus Christ our Lord is telling the people that nothing pleases, them such

as John came and hardly drunk or ate nothing, and Jesus came eating and drinking, and yet the Jews would criticized both of them. It seems the Jews didn't know what they wanted. Or if they hear music they would not dance, that is they hear the kingdom preached and they would not apply it.

47) Woe on unrepentant Towns - Matthew 11:20-24 -

a) Matthew 11:20 - Jesus Christ Rejects Unrepentant People - The reason that our Lord Jesus Christ rejects the people

(Jews) of those certain cities by denouncing them is that they rejected him by refusing to believe in him and refusing to

repent of their wickedness even though that Jesus had did many miracles and wonderful things before their eyes.

b) Dictionary Definition of Denounce - From MSN Works Dictionary 9 - (Denounce) 1. criticize something publicly: to

 criticize or condemn something publicly and harshly. - (NOTE: This is Righteous Anger)

c) Matthew 11:21 - The Towns Will Suffer - Jesus Christ in his righteous anger and disappointment in the cities, he tells

them WOE to you, to the cities. Jesus is letting them know that grief, affliction and misfortune will come upon them. And the meaning of that is Jesus is threatening them, that is warning them of the coming Judgments of God..

d) Dictionary Definition of Woe - From MSN Works 9 Dictionary - (Woe) 1. unfortunate happening: a serious affliction or

misfortune 2. grief: grief or distress resulting from a serious affliction or misfortune [ Old English  < Germanic < Indo-European] woe betide somebody used as a threat to indicate that somebody is going to regret something or be punished in some way Woe betide him if he turns up late for work again.

e) Matthew 11:22-24 - Judgment Day will be Extreme For them - And our Lord Jesus Christ is warning them that Judgment

day will be more bearable for Tyre, Sidon and Sodom than for them even though those cities were very wicked (Gentile)

cities, but if they had seen the working of Jesus Christ they would have repented and the cities would still be here today.

48) The Father revealed in the son - Matthew 11:25-30 - To Top^

a) Matthew 11:25-26 - Hidden From the Wise & Prudent - The things of God has always been hidden form the worldly so

called wise and prudent people, but has been revealed to the humble, the simple, the poor and the simple people. This is because God himself seen that this was good to do so that he can confound the wise and shame the strong, to bring them

down from their arrogant and prideful ways.

b) MSN Works 9 Dictionary Definition - Prudent - . 1. having good sense: having good sense in dealing with practical

matters 2. carefully considering consequences: using good judgment to consider likely consequences and act

accordingly 3. careful in managing resources: careful in managing resources so as to provide for the future

c) Matthew 11:27 - God Reveals Jesus to those who he Chooses - All things delivered to Jesus, meaning all authority, that

he is the mediator between us and God our Father that intercedes on our behalf. So it is that no man nor angel can truly comprehend the divine nature of the Father nor his son Jesus Christ, nor their divine characters. And the only we can even

begin to comprehend our Lord Jesus Christ is if God reveals him to us.

d) Matthew 11:28-30 - Jesus Gives Rest for the Soul (Conscience) - This is to give the people rest from the heavy burdens

of the ceremonial laws, the traditions of the church, but mainly rest from their sins, and the guilt of breaking Gods Holy

Laws, (10 Commandments) and rest from the fears of eternal damnation.

49) Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath - Matthew 12:1-14 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; NIV Software & Hardback, PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, Barnes Commentary, Adams Clarkes Commentary, Other Biblical Resources

a) Matthew 12:1-2 - The Pharisees Accuses Jesus, Disciples of Breaking the Sabbath Law - It seems here that the

Pharisees does not understand the Sabbath for the Law was written for the Jews to take one day off from their daily work

(Job). God who worked through Moses did not mean for his people to go hungry.  The disciples were not working a job for

money or such, they were Just merely hungry.  And on another Note is as (Matthew 12:8) that the son of Man (Jesus) is

Lord of the Sabbath meaning Jesus can give permission for a person, or people to break the Sabbath since he (Jesus) is

God and was there and have created the Sabbath Law!  And on another Note that the Sabbath was made for man kinds

benefit in the first place (Matthew 2:27-28)!

b) Matthew 12:3-4 - Jesus Tells them (Pharisees) David ate the Consecrated Bread (1Sa 21:1-6) - Jesus shows the

Pharisees the same example of King David also did what was not lawful for them to do, by him and his companions

eating the showbread.  Jesus shows the Pharisees with that in the case of necessity that Jesus being Lord of the

Sabbath did allow David and his companions as well as his disciples to break the Sabbath Law in order to meet their

basic need of food so their lives maybe sub stained!  The further proof is Jesus did say The Sabbath was made for man

(Matthew 2:27-28).

c) Matthew 12:5 - The Priest Desecrated The Sabbath - Jesus shows the Priest did profaned the Sabbath by lighting a fire

for the burnt sacrifices on the Sabbath (Numbers 28:9-10) to which is strictly forbidden for them to do on the Sabbath

(Exodus 35:3)..  Yet the Pharisees act as if they are Innocent them selves.  They evidently did that out of necessity as

the disciples picked grain on the Sabbath. NOTE; This shows that out of Necessity the laws can be broken as only

according to Gods intent of the Law to which always deals with Love and concern for us!

d) Matthew 12:6-8 - Jesus Christ is Greater than the Temple, w/all authority - Jesus Christ at this point was telling the

Pharisees that he is here and is greater than the temple, as it is written concerning Jesus Christ;

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in thebeginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and thatlife was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understooda it.

So in that the words of God through John the Baptist confirms Jesus Christ authority as to Jesus has the complete

authority to direct the observances and the meanings of the laws, in this case especially the Sabbath!  And that is what

Jesus Christ meant when he said he is Lord of the Sabbath!  No one can change Gods Laws except God and his son

them selves!  Jesus Christ is showing the Pharisees and the people that he desires the act of righteousness with the heart rather than the outward appearance or the observance of a ceremonial Law!

e) Matthew 12:9-10 - Pharisees Again Tries to accuse Jesus - The Pharisees in their hypocritical ways as usual their unloving

ways tries to find reasons to accuse Jesus of breaking the Sabbath even before he did anything on the Sabbath such as

healing a person on that day.

f) Matthew 12:11-12 - It is Lawful to do good on the Sabbath - The Pharisees was so concerned about Jesus healing a human

in need on the Sabbath, yet Jesus shows them that if their sheep fell in a pit on the Sabbath they would do good to it and help

it out of the pit on the Sabbath!  The Pharisees act as though a sheep is more valuable than a human!  So Jesus told them

it is lawful to do good, to help those in "NEED" on the Sabbath, and in doing so fulfills the law of Christ (Galatians  6:1-3).

This is Loving your neighbor to which the Pharisees seems to over look!

g) Matthew 12:13-14 - The Pharisees Plotted to kill Jesus - Now Jesus has showed two acceptable reasons for breaking the

Sabbath is #1 (Mt 12:3-4) out of Necessity and #2 (Mt 12:12-14) out of Mercy!  Even though Jesus Christ was so right

about the Sabbath Law, the Pharisees has such extreme hatred towards Jesus Christ that they started to plot of how

to kill him! 

50) Gods chosen servant - Matthew 12:15-21 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, Barnes Commentary, Adam Clarkes


a) Matthew 12:15 - Jesus Christ was always one step ahead of them - Jesus Christ always seem to know ahead of time

regarding the Pharisees wicked Plots to try and kill him (Mt 12:14).  Some Pharisees were a tool of the devil that has always seemed to try to destroy Gods plans, and Gods people, to rebel against Gods ways..  In this case the reason why the Pharisees wanted to Kill Jesus was because more people were following and listening to Jesus Christ, instead of the Pharisees.  They were losing their influence over the people because of Jesus Christ.  They were highly Jealous of Jesus


b) Matthew 12:16-21, Isaiah 42:1-7 - Jesus Warns the People to Keep Silent - AS stated in Isaiah 42:1 and Matthew 3:16-17,

Jesus Christ son is Gods Chosen Servant to be born to be crucified for our sins, the punishment that you and I both deserve. 

He warned them to say nothing about his miracles because that would endanger his life even more.  It is not yet his time to be captured and crucified.  He had to declare justice, that is hope, good news salvation has come to the gentiles (The Nations) as well as to the Jews.  The gentiles had to hear the message of hope!


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