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Matthew 12:22 to 13:58  

Matthew 12:22 to 13:30

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Matthew 13:31  to 13:58


51) Jesus & Beelzebub - Matthew 12:22-37

52) The Sign of Jonah - Matthew 12:38-45

53) Jesus Mother & Brothers - Matthew 12:46-50

54) The Parable of the Sower - Matthew 13:1-23

55) The Parable of the Weeds - Matthew 13:24-30

56) The Parables; Mustard Seed/Yeast - Matthew 13:31-35

57) The Parable of the Weeds explained - Matthew 13:36-43

58) Parables; Hidden Treasure & Pearl - Matthew 13:44-46

59) The Parable of the Net - Matthew 13:47-52

60) A Prophet without Honor - Matthew 13:53-58

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Let Us Pray: Dear Heavenly Father we pray for you to give us wisdom and guidance to learning your Holy Words and ways, so that we may become better children, and servants of yours that we may by our actions, behaviors and words glorify you among the unbelieving and the believers of this world. AMEN!

51) Jesus & Beelzebub - Matthew 12:22-37 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources

a) Matthew 12:22-23 - Is This The Messiah? - The main reason why Jesus Christ came and cast out demons and healed the people, wasn't

because of just his compassion but mainly to show the people that he is the Messiah because the Messiah according to prophecy Isaiah 35:5 was to show the people of the evidence that he is the promised Messiah, his proof of it.

b) Matthew 12:24 - Pharisees Tries to Discredit Jesus Christ - Because of the Pharisees dwindling influence on the people, and that no

ordinary human could cast out demons, nor heal people, the Pharisees tried to contribute Jesus power to the power of satan (Beelzebub instead of contributing Jesus power to our Heavenly Father God.

c) Matthew 12:25-28 - Divided Kingdom Can Not Stand - Only God can know the heat & thoughts of people that also shows that Jesus

Christ is the son of God, that is God in the flesh. So in that Jesus has turned the tables on the Pharisees showing them that if Jesus cast out demons by Beelzebub then who do their sons cast them out? And then Jesus points out that a kingdom that is against it self can not stand. That is Jesus showing the power of God and that he is the promised Messiah that promotes God would be entirely against himself if he used the power of satan in casting out demons and healing people, that actually attracts people to God and not satan.

d) Matthew 12:29 - Jesus Has Taken Satans Property - This is to say when Jesus delivers people from their sins, cast out demons or

healed the people that Jesus Christ has taken these people away from satan, and away from their bondages that satan himself had


e) Matthew 12:30 - Gaither with Jesus Christ - If we do not act with Jesus, do the great commission then we are against Jesus Christ, and

we are not serving him, but if we share our faith with the lost and even work towards bringing wayward Christians back to Jesus Christ then we not only are united with Jesus Christ but we are being in service to Jesus Christ, therefore we are for Jesus Christ.

The Unpardonable Sin - Matthew 12:31-32 

f) Matthew 12:31 - Jesus Christ Warns the Pharisees of Their Blasphemy - Jesus Christ here warns the Pharisees that them contributing

his divine power of casting out demons and healings of people is Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit and will not be forgiven.

g) Easton's Bible Dictionary Definition of Blasphemy - Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (Matthew 12:31,32; Mark 3:28,29;

Luke 12:10) is regarded by some as a continued and obstinate rejection of the gospel, and hence is an unpardonable sin, simply because

as long as a sinner remains in unbelief he voluntarily excludes himself from pardon. Others regard the expression as designating the sin of attributing to the power of Satan those miracles which Christ performed, or generally those works which are the result of the Spirit's agency.

h) Matthew 12:32 - Do Not Speak Against the Power of The Holy Spirit - If anyone speaks against the power of the Holy Spirit and his

character will never be forgiven the person who speaks against the Workings of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, therefore the person that does such a wicked thing shall never be saved and enter into the kingdom of heaven.

A Tree Known by Its Fruits - Matthew 12:33-37  To Top^

i) Matthew 12:33-35 - A Persons Words & Works Reveals their Heart - In this verse Jesus is referring to a persons heart. If their heart is

evil and corrupt so will their works be as well. But if a persons heart is good, then there works also will be good works. So whatever is

in a mans heart he will speak and do.

j) Matthew 12:36-37 - By Our Words, Either Justified or Condemned - So if one speaks words with evil intent, or unjust accusations for

example then on judgment day they will be held accountable for their evil words that comes from a evil heart. And if the words speaks of Gods Holy Goodness, good things of one thing or another, then on judgment day he will be justified before our Lord and shall not receive any condemnation.

52) The Sign of Jonah - Matthew 12:38-42 

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources

a) Matthew 12:38 - They Ask for Proof - The Pharisees & Scribes ask for proof that God is with Jesus Christ, even though they may have

already seen or heard of the Miracles that Jesus Christ has already performed and when some of them has seen his miracles such as casting demons out, they accused him of casting the demons out by the power of satan. The Pharisees are never satisfied to any evidence that God is with Jesus Christ.

b) Matthew 12:39-40 - Evil People Seeks for a Sign - It is the whore, that is the Jewish people, the OT church that has committed Idolatry

many times over, the wicked people who seeks a sign, and yet Jesus Christ only one sign will they see, that is a major miracle more powerful than that of other miracles that Jesus Christ has performed, and that is like Jonah was in the belly of a big fish for 3 days, so only for 3 Days will Jesus Christ be in the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights. The meaning in the heart of the earth is not intended to mean that Jesus Christ went to hell and preached, then cleared it out, no it does mean in the grave, asleep in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights until he is to be waken by the power of God to rise from the grave.

c) Matthew 12:41-42 - People of Nineveh & Queen Sheba Would Condemn Them - The people of Nineveh who repented at the preaching

of Jonah and Queen Sheba who sought wisdom from King Soul would condemn the Jewish people because of their sinful and wicked ways and because the Jewish people neither seeks the wisdom of God and yet they have even more opportunity to repent and seek Gods Holy Wisdom than anyone on earth, and yet they refuse, so they will receive a greater condemnation than anyone else who had less opportunity than them.

An Unclean Spirit Returns - Matthew 12:43-45 

a) Matthew 12:43 - The Jews Would not Find no Rest in Jesus Christ - Jesus uses this illustration to show the Pharisees that if he was to

show them a sign, that sure they might believe in him and appear that they reform, but only for a time, but they would not find no rest in him because their hearts would not be changed due because they required physical proof of a sign that God was with Jesus without them having any actual faith in Jesus Christ.

b) Matthew 12:44-45 - The Jews Would Just get worse - So because the Jews would not have actual faith in Jesus Christ, in other words,

they didn't make Jesus their rock, their foundation, they would return back to how they were, they would just be worse on being

wicked than they were before Jesus showed them a sign.

53) Jesus Mother & Brothers - Matthew 12:46-50 -

a) Matthew 12:46-47 - Jesus Mothers/Brothers Wanting to Speak to him - These 2 verses refers to Jesus earthly mother Mary and his

brothers, his siblings that he was raised up with, Jesus of course being the oldest and the first born. Jesus family wanted to speak to him, to try to stop him from what he was doing, because they thought that he was out of his mind (Mark 3:21).

b) Matthew 48-50 - Jesus Mother, Brothers/Sisters Do the Will of God - Here our Lord Jesus Christ confirms that his Mothers, Brothers

and sisters are only those who do the will of God, that has left both mother, father, siblings, homes and such for his name sake.

54) The Parable of the Sower - Matthew 13:1-23 - To Top^

a) Matthew 13:1-2 - Many Came to Listen to Jesus Christ - Evidently Jesus teachings were so intent and with such authority and for the

people of the poor, the crippled and such that countless numbers as followed Jesus Christ to the sea shore that he was forced to go out in a boat in order to be able to teach the people and be heard.

b) Matthew 13:3 - Jesus Spoke in Parables - The reason why our Lord Jesus Christ spoke to the people in parables is because to reveal the

mysteries of heaven to those who do not have a hardened heart, nor death ears, they are hidden from those who do, his truth are only revealed to those who are ready for the truths, that is the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

c) MSN Works 9 Dictionary; Definitions of Parable; 1. moral or religious story: a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or

religious lesson  2. story ascribed to Jesus Christ: a parable that appears in the Bible, as told by Jesus Christ - (ADDITION) To give an idea of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven in a relative term that those with open hearts can understand.

d) Matthew 13:4 - Seeds by the wayside, They had no understanding - (MT 13:19) This is the people who hears the gospel preached, to

which they had no understanding because of the hardness of their hearts, so satan snatched away from them, from what they even heard.

e) Matthew 13:5-6 - Seeds on Stony places, They Fall Away Because of Tribulation & Persecution - (MT 13:20-21) This is a person who

rejoices at hearing the gospel, Gods Grace, Love, hope, and praises God for their blessings etc but when hard times come and they are persecuted for the faith they quickly fall away from the Faith because they had no real sense of their wretched condition or love for Jesus Christ, they had no root to be able to stand up against temptations and the hardness that comets upon those who wish to live Godly lives.

f) Matthew 13:7 - Seed Fell among Thorns, The Distractions of this World Chokes out the words of God - (MT 13:22) These people

hears the gospel of Jesus Christ but they have their hearts, and their minds focused on the things of this world, the riches and the concerns of it rather than having their hearts and minds focused on the things of God. They do not examine the state, that is the condition of their own souls, so with all of that, they are more concerned about receiving worldly gain, rather than heavenly gain, so their bodies and souls are set to be destroyed in the lake of fire on judgment day

g) Matthew 13:8 - Seed Fell On Good Ground, Christians who will enter the kingdom of Heaven - These are professed Christians who has

not only heard the gospel of Jesus Christ but also those who understands, believes in it, have faith in its truth, and also who grows in the faith, in their understandings, their learning, in their Faith and then in service to Jesus Christ when God calls them to use that knowledge for his glorious kingdom for unselfish reasons they share their knowledge and Faith with the lost and the Christian communities as well.

h) Matthew 13:9 - Let Him Hear - That is those who opened hearts by the grace of God and those with understanding by the Grace of God

hear what Jesus is warning professed Christians about, let them hear to how the professed Christian hearts and minds should be so they can be saved.

The Purpose of Parables - Matthew 13:10-17 - To Top^

a) Matthew 13:10-11 - Disciples are to know the Mysteries - Here Jesus Christ wants the disciples to know the mysteries of the kingdom

of heaven especially since they will be going out later in order to preach the kingdom of heaven. But as for the Jews, their hearts are closed off to hearing the mysteries, they are not ready to listen to it, their hearts are dull, and their ears do not hear, nor do they understand.

b) Matthew 13:12-13 - The Jews Deprived of the Truth - Because the Jews could neither have their hearts opened up to the truth, opened

up to the knowledge of the promised Messiah, they can not understand, nor hear it nor see the promise has then been taking away from them, but those who hearts that are opened up to the truths and knowledge of God, their knowledge of the promised Messiah, the Light shall be increased even more than before.

c) Matthew 13:14-15 - Isaiah 6:9-10, Prophesied About The Jews - Isaiah has foretold the condition of the Jews corrupt and sensual

hearts, that because of that they are not able to understand, nor see, nor hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in that they could not see the Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, so they walk in total blindness, total depravity of spiritual truths.

d) Matthew 13:16 - Jesus Blesses the Disciples - Jesus Christ blesses the disciples because their hearts are no corrupt, they seek the

absolute of God, so in that they do see the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they do hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

e) Matthew 13:17 - The Prophets Longed to See Jesus Christ - The prophets of old often longed to see the promised Messiah, the coming

hope for the world, and yet they did not live long enough to see, to enjoy the prophecies being fulfilled concerning the coming Messiah, that is Jesus Christ.

The Parable of the Sower Explained - Matthew 13:18-23 -

a) Matthew 13:18-19 - Seed by The Way Side (False Christian/A Average Person) - Jesus Christ commands to hear the Parable of the

Sower, in other wise we are to understand them with our hearts and minds.  The seed is the Holy Words of God and the birds of the air represents satan and because of the people that has hearts and minds that are so hardened into sin, that when they hear the Holy Words of God, it makes no impression on them, it doesn't effect them at all, so when they hear the Holy Words of God, even that is taking away from them, that they are no longer touched by the love of God because of their own wayward hearts that invites satan into their lives with a open invitation.

b) Matthew 13:20-21 - Seed on Stony Places (False Christian) - These are those who are professed Christians who quickly receives the

Gospel of Jesus Christ, their peace and joy are temporary for a time, they have no permanent commitment to Jesus Christ, they are not true Christians because when tribulation and persecution comes along they quickly fall from the Faith. They never have seen their guilt of sin, the danger of their souls being lost, they never seen their wretched and sinful conditions sin and they never seen the true grace of God, they never had a change of heart and of mind. These are false Christians.

c) Matthew 13:22 - Seed Among The Thorns (False Christians/Average Person) - These are false Christians that because of the

deceitfulness of the riches of this wicked worlds, its anxieties and empty promises, its wayward ways, its empty philosophies and ideas chokes the Holy Words of God out of a persons heart that hears the word and yet they drown in the wicked ways of this world that only encourages gain at any cost to them selves and the oppression of other people.

d) Matthew 13:23 - Seed on Good Ground (True Christians) - These are the True Christian that not only hears the Holy Words of God

because of his Holy Grace, they receive it honestly and fully that submits to its complete truths and not just a part of it, and this world has no real meaning to them, their treasure is not of this world, but their treasure is the Kingdom of God, they grow in the Faith, they learn from Jesus Christ via the Holy Spirit, they learn the difference between evil and good, they resist the evils of this world, they are over comers of it, and they are totally committed and dedicated to their service in Jesus Christ at any cost to them selves.

55)  The Parable of the Weeds - Matthew 13:24-30 - To Top^

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources

a) Matthew 13:24 - Story about True & False Christians - In this Parable "The Kingdom of Heaven" meaning Jesus Christ rule, his

authority, and "a man" meaning Jesus Christ himself, and the "Good Seed" that is the "Wheat" to which means "True Christians", the

field meaning the world.

b) Matthew 13:25-26 - satan planted false Christians in the church - "Tares" or in some Bible Version "Weeds" to which means false

Christians, the hypocrites that are apostasy. So in this since satan couldn't cause the true believers to fall, he planted "Tares", false Christians in the church to try and cause the true Christians to fall and to try and hurt the Holy Works of God in the church that is the Body of Jesus Christ.

c) Matthew 13:27-29 - Do not Gather up the Tares (False Christians) - Jesus is showing us that if we try to gather that is separate the

Tares (false Christians) from the Wheat (True Christians) we could end up trampling the Wheat with the Tares because it is hard to tell the difference between the true and false Christians.

d) Matthew 13:30 - Separation of False & True Christians - In the Day of Judgment Jesus Christ will separate the true and false

Christians from each other. The True Christians will be with him in heaven and the false Christians will be thrown into the lake of

Fire for their Bodies and souls to be destroyed forever more.

56) The Parable of the Mustard Seed & Yeast - Matthew 13:31-32 -

a) Matthew 13:31 - Planting of The Gospel- The gospel of Jesus Christ that has been planted in the smallest & least of places in this

world (Israel), and Jesus Christ has chosen the week & foolish things of the world the least of the people of this world to spread his Holy words among the world.

b) Matthew 13:32 - They Come for Hope - And as more of the gospel is spread through out this world, the more that some of its people

comes to Jesus Christ for the hope of salvation, a hope for eternal life.

The Parable of the Leaven - Matthew 13:33 

a) Matthew 13:33 - The Preparation of the Heart - A person heart must be prepared to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and as flour

is  kneaded until it reaches the texture and such that it needs to be so is a persons heart until it reaches its Spiritual Growth in the

Faith that it needs to be.  Sin and worldliness is worked out of the persons heart and mind all for the purpose of advancing the Christian Faith in SERVICE to Jesus Christ, Amen!

Prophecy and The Parables - Matthew 13:34-35 -

a) Matthew 13:34 - What is a Parable? - According to MSN Works Dictionary 9, a parable is a comparison type of moral religious story

related to for example the point that Jesus Christ was getting at when he told a parable of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like.

b) MSN Works 9 Dictionary, Parable - par·a·ble [párrəb'l] (plural par·a·bles) n

1. moral or religious story: a short simple story intended to illustrate a moral or religious lesson 
2. story ascribed to Jesus Christ: a parable that appears in the Bible, as told by Jesus Christ

c) Matthew 13:35 - Secrets of Heaven Revealed - Since Jesus Christ the truth of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed to us, that

is the true saints of God, but as he said before, they are hidden from the Jews because of their rebellion, their stubbornness towards

God and Jesus Christ, so he reveals his truths to the disciples, & us gentile Christians so that we may know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

57) The Parable of the Weeds Explained - Matthew 13-36-43 -

a) Matthew 13:36 - Explain to us the Parable of the Tares of the Field - The disciples did not know what the Parable of the Wheat &

Tares even meant. So they asked Jesus in private about their meanings.

b) Matthew 13:37-39 - Meanings - The Son of Man (Jesus Christ) that sows the Good Seed (True Christians) in the field (the World),

but the tares (sons "false christians"  of the devil) sprouted up, 

c) Matthew 13:40-42 - Unsaved & False Christians Cast Out - but the end of the age (Harvest/Judgment day) the reapers (Angels)

will gather up the tares (sons "Unsaved/False christians" of the devil) those who practices sins and will be cast into the furnace of

fire (lake of fire) and their bodies and souls will be destroyed forever more

d) Matthew 13:43 - Their (True Christians)  Righteousness Will Shine - Then that on that day of judgment/rapture all of the Old

Testament Saints and the New Testament saints shall all be gathered up in the barn (Heaven) and they shall receive their glory,

their glorified bodies with no defect that shall shine fourth through out all time.

58) Parables;  Hidden Treasure & Pearl - Matthew 13-4-46

a) Matthew 13:44 - Kingdom of Heaven is of Great Value - Jesus Christ and his ministry being that kingdom of Heaven, that is

represented here. A man that has heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, his messages and his teachings, that cherished Jesus Christ so much, that he has given up all of his life, his past, his old wicked ways, his very own life. and enters into the rest. That rest is Jesus Christ. That man has made Jesus his rock & foundation, he has denied him self, he has picked up his cross, (share in sufferings & persecutions of Jesus Christ, at any cost to himself) and followed Jesus, learned his teachings, and their meanings, and applied them

to his daily life.

The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price - Matthew 13:45-46 -

a) Matthew 13:45 - Searching for Truth, & Purpose - This merchant (Man) one day went searching for his purpose in life, and the truth of

life, as so many of today does search for truth, but very few people finds it.

b) Matthew 13:46 - Finding the Truth & Purpose - And when that merchant (man) found the truth that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that

gave him meaning & purpose he truly seen his sinful condition, he then cherished Jesus Christ so much, that he has given up all of his life, his past, his old wicked ways, his very own life. and enters into the rest. That rest is Jesus Christ. That man has made Jesus his rock & foundation, he has denied him self, he has picked up his cross, (share in sufferings & persecutions of Jesus Christ, at any cost to himself) and followed Jesus, learned his teachings, and their meanings, and applied them to his daily life.

59) The Parable of the Net - Matthew 13:47-52 -

a) Matthew 13:47-50 - Separating the God from the Bad - This is referring to the last days when God gathers the world together on

Judgment day, and he goes through them separation the good (Born Again Christians) from the bad they will receive eternal life, &

those who practices wickedness, those that not only rejected Jesus Christ but also those who are professed christians that turned

Gods Grace into a license for sin will be tossed into the lake of fire for their bodies and souls to be destroyed.

b) Matthew 13:51 - The Disciples Understood the Parable - The disciples completely understood Jesus parable concerning the last

days of separating the righteous from the wicked as Jesus asked them if they understand what he said.

c) Matthew 13:52 - A Good Trained Minister - In this verse Jesus Christ shows us that a good minister must be well instructed &

taught on the Kingdom of Heaven and then he can be a ready (scribe/minister) to be able to teach and train others. (See Mathew Henry's Notes) - A good minister must be able to teach from the Old Testament as well as from the New Testament, in order to be

able for their hearers to understand and learn the complete meanings of the messages to which the ministers teach.

60) A Prophet without Honor - Matthew 13:53-58 -

a) Matthew 13:53-54 - Jesus Wisdom & Mighty Works - Jesus came to his own country, that is his home town that he was raised up in

and most of the people there knew him from childhood.  And Jesus on the Sabbath taught in the synagogue with such wisdom and

with such wonderful works that the people asked where did he get such wisdom & works.

b) Matthew 13:55-56 - The People Knows Jesus - They have known him from childhood, that his the son of Joseph and Mary, and that he

also had brothers and sisters that were born after him through Joseph and Mary. They even known that Joseph was a carpenter and that he also trained Jesus to be a carpenter as well.

c) Matthew 13:57 - A Prophet Without Honor - When Jesus noticed that the people were offended at him because of his great wisdom

& his wonderful works so in what Jesus said to them, he suggested that a prophet only is accepted and have honor to people not of their own home town, but of other people that does not personally know the prophet.

d) Matthew 13:58 - Lack of Faith Causes Miracles not to be Done - The people had no faith in Jesus Christ, so he could not to hardly any

miracles there, and that shows us one reason why in so many churches of today that many are sick, with family problems and so on because of their lack of true and sincere faith in Jesus Christ.



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