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Matthew 14:1 to 16:28  

Matthew 14:1 to 15:28

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Matthew 15:29  to 16:28


61) John the Baptist beheaded - Matthew 14:1-12

62) Jesus feeds the five thousand - Matthew 14:13-21

63)  Jesus walks on the water - Matthew 14:22-36

64) That Which Defiles - Matthew 15:1-20

65) The Faith of a Canaanite Woman - Matthew 15:21-28

66) Jesus feeds the four thousand - Matthew 15:29-39

67) The Demand for a Sign - Matthew 16:1-4

68) The Yeast & Sadducees - Matthew 16:5-12

69) Peter declares Jesus Messiah - Matthew 16:13-20

70) Jesus predicts his death - Matthew 16:21-28

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61) John the Baptist Beheaded - Matthew 14:1-12 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources, Nelson's Bible Dictionary,

a) Matthew 14:1-2 - Who is Herod? - (See Nelson's Bible Dictionary) - Herod the Great was the son of Antipater to witch is an Idumean

by decent from the Edomite's stock descendants of ESAU., a procurator that was appointed over all Judea by Julius Caesar.  Herod was

the oldest son of Antipater and it was Herod's Dad that appointed Herod Governor of Galilee of Judea. Herod was ruthless in maintaining order & for fighting throughout Judea, and he was a cunning negotiator, and a subtle diplomat.  -  So Herod heard about the fame & miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ after the time John the Baptist was beheaded thinking that Jesus Christ was the resurrected John the Baptist because of all of the Miracles that Jesus Christ did.

b) MSN Works 9 Dictionary Definition of (Tetrarch) - tet·rarch tet·rarch [té trrk] (plural tet·rarchs) n

1. ruler of quarter of country: the ruler of a quarter of a country or province 
2. joint ruler: one of four joint rulers 
3. subordinate prince: a ruler of a subordinate principality, especially in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire 
4. phalanx commander: the commander of a subdivision of a Macedonian phalanx in ancient Greece 

[Pre-12th century. Via late Latin tetrarcha < Greek tetrarkhēs "four ruling" < arkhēs "ruler"]

-te·trar·chic [te trrkik], , adj

c) Matthew 14:3-5 - Herod Thrown John the Baptist in Prison - It was Herod's brothers wife and Herod that wanted to put John the Baptist

to death because John openly spoke to where are the people could hear kept announcing and reminding Herod and Herodias that it is not lawful for Herod to have her since she belonged to another man, Herod's Brother.  Herod would have put John to death already but he was afraid that the people would riot and most likely have his head since they all considered John a prophet.

d) Matthew 14:6-12 - John Beheaded, He Becomes Less - Herodias seen a great opportunity to silence John the Baptist by telling her

daughter to which was seducing King Herod with her dancing to ask him for the Head of John the Baptist.  This was Gods plan though in order for John to become less so that all of the attention would be placed on Jesus Christ instead of John the Baptist. If John would have not been killed then John would have been on center stage instead of Jesus Christ. 

62) Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand - Matthew 14:13-21 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 14:13 - Jesus Mourned - After Jesus heard about the death of John the Baptist his cousin, he left there to go to a deserted place

so that he can mourn over the death of John the Baptist in private. Jesus had great love for him as Jesus Christ said that there is no greater prophet than John the Baptist Mt 11:10-11!

b) Matthew 14:14 - Jesus Compassion on The People - After Jesus mourned the death of his cousin John the Baptist he came out and saw

that the people were all hurting and sick people to where they were so desperate that they followed Jesus by walking around the large lake in the hope that he would heal their sicknesses. So Jesus did heal their sick because of him feeling sorry for the peoples bondages of sicknesses.  This was also done to show that he was sent from God, God in the flesh. 

c) Matthew 14:15-20 - The Miracle & Power of Jesus Christ - The disciples were concerned for the people because it has been a long time

since they have eaten. They said to Jesus to send them away to the towns so they can eat, but Jesus told them you feed them even though they only had 5 lives of bread and 2 fish. I can only imagine the shock on the disciples faces when Jesus told them to feed the people. But they did as Jesus told them, and by his power there were plenty of food to go around with 12 baskets of food left over.

d) Matthew 14:21 - Great Multitude Followed Jesus - The scriptures tells us there were about 5000 men. And it seems that complete

families have followed Jesus Christ and in those days families usually consist of at least 6 children and mom and dad. SO the total number that actually were following Jesus including the women and children were at least 35 thousand roughly speaking.

63) Jesus Walks on the Water - Matthew 14:22-33 

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources, Matthew Henry's Commentary,

a) Matthew 14:22-23 - Jesus to be by Himself - The reason why Jesus sent his disciples away ahead of him to Bethsaida from

Capernaum seems to be for 2 reasons.  One was so that Jesus can go and spend time in private with his Father God in talking (Praying) to him. The other reason seems to show the disciples another miracle to try and get them to have more Faith and Trust in him as Peter first did by Jesus walking on the water (Mt 4:25-31).

b) Matthew 14:24-27 - The Disciples Afraid - It seems that the Disciples were in a small boat in order for the Sea Waves to buffet it like they

did!  When Jesus came walking on the sea to the disciples they were greatly afraid of him thinking that Jesus was a ghost because Jesus seem to float on the sea and usually only ghost were known to do that. But Jesus took their fear away saying that it is him.

c) Matthew 14:28-32 - Peters Lack of Faith - It seems here that Peter needed verification that it was Jesus Christ that was walking on the sea,

instead of some ghost.  So Peter asked Jesus to command him to come to him out on the water.  Peter had first had Faith and focus on Jesus Christ but as soon as he took his focus off of Jesus Christ and put his focus on things around him, the troubles, he started sinking into the sea!  But with Peters Faith and trust in Jesus Christ he yelled out to him, SAVE ME, and Jesus did save him from drowning, from the troubles at hand!

d) Matthew 14:33 - Jesus, as Son of God Revealed - Because of the Miracle of Jesus Christ walking on the sea, and saving Peter from

drowning all of the disciples at that point found out, that is realized the true Identity of Jesus Christ. That he is the Son of God!

64) That Which Defiles - Matthew 15:1-20

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources, Adams Clarkes Commentary,

a) Matthew 15:1-2 - Pharisees Only Considers Traditions - Here we note that the Pharisees and Teachers of the law like many of hypocritical

religions are only concerned with the outward traditional/ceremonial act rather than what's in the heart of a man (Mt 15:17-20)! So with this we all should be more concerned with the heart, not weather we take part in traditions of men (Mk 7:4, v8 to 14).

b) Matthew 15:3-6 - Jesus Christ Rebukes the Pharisees/Teachers of Law - Jesus Christ sets them straight right way with showing them so

-called righteous people have a habit of breaking Gods Laws and setting aside his commands for the sake of their sinful religious traditions.  They evidently seem to think that their own ideas are better than God.  Yet they criticize others for seems to break Gods Laws when they them selves have a habit of breaking Gods Laws!

c) Matthew 15:7-9 - Isaiah Prophesied Concerning those Hypocrites - The Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law are all about manmade

rules and traditions instead of their hearts being in-love with God and his Holy Words.  Instead of Loving their neighbors as usual.  Jesus Christ is telling them pretty much that their worship of God is completely worthless since their hearts are cold as ice, their understanding are as if they were in a coma and their hearing of truth has not stopped in their hearts and brains on the way through their ears!

As Jesus Christ has said before; Matthew 13:14 In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:"' You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. 15 For this people's heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with theirears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.

d) Matthew 15:10-11 - The Mouth Speaks from a Defiled Heart - Jesus Christ teaches the crowd and want them fully understand this

teaching of us in the Hope that they do not do what the Pharisees do (Mt 23:1-7).  They do not practice what they preach!  What ever is

in the heart if it be hidden or known by others if it be evil will come out of their mouth and their behaviors.  We must Guard our hearts and minds from the evil one (Satan) (1Co 16:13, PHP 4:7, 1Ti 6:20, 2Ti 1:14, 2Pe 3:17).

e) Matthew 15:12-14 - Disciples concerned that the Pharisees were offended - For some reason it seems here that the disciples were more

concerned about offending the Pharisees instead of understanding the message of Jesus Christ Teaching.  They were thinking more in a worldly way rather than Gods way, spiritual that is.  So because of that Jesus here in (Mt 15:13) is warning them about following the Pharisees since their path is on the way to hell.  He tells them they are blind, meaning not knowing nor obeying Gods truths.  Anyone who follows such preachers will end up in hell not heaven!

f) Matthew 15:15-20 - The Disciples Still Not Understanding - Jesus again try's to explain his teaching to them more in detail this time

regarding what's in a mans heart is what make a man wicked, worldly, if that is the path the man has chosen for him self.  This also shows us that no matter how much we say we believe in Jesus Christ, if we practice sins such as murder of the heart (Mt 5:21-22) , adultery of the heart (Mt 5:27-29) etc we will end up in hell regardless (Ro 1:28-32)!  

And as Apostle Paul has Said; 1 Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 northieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 1

65) The Faith of a Canaanite Woman - Matthew 15:21-28 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources, Biblical Maps, Adam Clarkes Commentary, Matthew Commentary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Faucet's Bible Dictionary,

a) Matthew 15:21 - Jesus Moves to a New Location - Jesus Christ and the Disciples moved from Galilee to the Sea Costal regions NW of

there about 30 to 40 miles to Tyre/Sidon regions to further spread the good news.  It seems here Jesus intent was to reach all of Israel with the good news of his glorious Kingdom by traveling so far away to the NW Coast of Israel.

b) Matthew 15:22 - Calling Jesus Christ Messiah - When this Canaanite women call Jesus Christ "Son of David" is the same as calling Jesus

Christ Messiah since it is "David's Throne (Heritage)" that the Messiah would come from (Mt 1:1, Mk 12:35-37).  This women is was very desperate as any of us would be to have her daughter healed from demon position that she ran to Jesus Christ asking him for "MERCY" for her daughter. Yet it seems that this Canaanite women was not Jewish (Mt 15:23-26). Instead she seems to be a Gentile.  We must not forget that Noah cursed Canaan, Ham's son because Ham seen Noah Nakedness (Gen 9:22-24).  Due to that the who land of Canaan was cursed!

c) Matthew 15:23-26 - Jesus Christ Ignores the Woman Cries for Mercy - The reason why Jesus Christ was ignoring the woman cries for

mercy was because she is a cursed woman from a cursed land that was looked down on by Israel (Gen 9:22-24). Yet even the disciples became very annoyed with the woman and wanted Jesus Christ to send her away.  So Jesus responded to her that he was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel, meaning to the Jew first then to the Gentile (Ro 1:16).  It was not yet time for the Gentile it seems.  But Now there is no Partiality from God, Jew or Gentile for we are all one in Jesus Christ (Ro 10:12, Gal 3:28, Col 2:11). 

d) Matthew 15:27-28 - The Gentile Woman Great Faith - Because of this woman persistence and great faith in Jesus Christ he healed her

daughter at that very moment without any physical show of power as so many so called today's healers do!

66) Jesus feeds the four thousand - Matthew 15:29-39 - Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software &

Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 15:29- 31 - The Desperation of the People - There were so much sickness and disease among the people that can not be treated

like in today's times, the people would flock to get a healing from Jesus so they would not be suffering any longer as they have.  Healings especially from the power of God were something that didn't normally happen except when people went to a certain pool  (John 5:1-7). 

God would get the glory (praises) from the people because of Jesus Christ healings!

b) Matthew 15:32-39 - Compassion & Miracles of Jesus Christ - Now at this point Jesus Christ was very concerned for the people since

they had nothing to eat for 3 days, that he told the disciples to give them something to eat.  We must note that the people were so desperate for healings that they even went 3 days with nothing to eat, that includes the women and children as well.  Now the disciples evidently forgot about the miracles that Jesus did in feeding the five thousand plus people (Matthew 14:13-21).  It seems here that it is the Jewish people habit in forgetting the Miracles that God does as they did in the Parting of the Red Sea, escape from Egypt and so on.  This must be  a major lack of faith on the Jewish side of things as usual.  You would think that the disciples would be completely shocked that

food kept appearing as if from no where.



67) The Demand for a Sign - Matthew 16:1-4 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 15:29 - Jesus Departed from Tyre & Sidon Regions - Jesus Christ our Lord departed from the regions of Tyre and Sidon and

headed most likely North Eastward to the Sea of Galilee and traveled along the cost of the lake. As this time I do not know if he traveled up the cost northward or southward. But we do know that he came to a mountain and sit there most likely for the purpose of teaching and healing the people.

b) Matthew 15:30 - Healings of the Multitudes - So after Jesus Christ our Lord sit on the mountain, the Multitudes brought many of people

who were sick with all sorts of sicknesses physical and diseased.  Jesus as usual seemed to have great compassion on them, cause they were like lost sheep and yet they did not understand who Jesus really was. That is The Son Of God.

c) Matthew 15:31- They Glorified God - When the people seen for them selves so many people being healed of all sorts of diseases and

physical disabilities and such they gave thanks and glorified God for the healings, to which is right since all of the healings were done from the power of God through his son Jesus Christ.

68) The Yeast/Pharisees & Sadducees - Matthew 16:5-12

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 15:32-33 - Jesus Compassion on The Gentile Multitude - Jesus and his disciples went around the sea of Galilee preaching the

Gospel, and healing to which are the regions of the Gentiles. Now Jesus showed the disciples that he accepts the gentiles as well as the Jews by healing their sicknesses and diseases to which is against the Jewish beliefs since the gentiles are considered unclean. Jesus showed his great Love and concern even for the gentiles. Jesus even had concern for the multitudes welfare in that he didn't want to send them away hungry since for 3 days they have not eaten while they were following him. But the disciples didn't know where to get enough bread to feed them.

b) Matthew 15:34-37 - 7 Loaves of Bread & a Few Fish - Jesus performed another miracles by taking 7 loaves of bread and a few fish and

fed the great multitude with 7 baskets of food left over when all were done eating.

c) Matthew 15:38-39 - 4000 + Women & Children ate - Now the number of men that ate were 4000 and most had brought their wives and

children with them to which a rough estimate of at least 20,000 people were actually fed.  Then after he sent the multitude away he and the disciples went to the region of Magdala.

69)  Peter declares the Jesus is Messiah - Matthew 16:13-20 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 16:1 - The Pharisees Pretense - The Pharisees pretended to wanting a sign to prove Jesus was from God and working for God,

even though many signs has already been shown to them and the people through his miracles and proving the prophecies concerning him from the Old Testament. The Pharisees intended to try and trap Jesus in his words.

b) Matthew 16:2-3 - The Pharisees Can not Discern - As Jesus Christ has pointed out to the Pharisees that they can look at the sky and

tell if it is going to rain or not and yet they can not discern the signs of the times, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand through the promised Messiah Jesus Christ.. An din Jesus answer, Jesus, Proverbs 26:5 answers a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.

c) Matthew 16:4 - They Receive only the Sign of Jonah - Jesus Christ calls them a wicked and adulterous generation that seeks a sign

especially since many signs and prophecies fulfilled has been shown and given to them. But Jesus will give them another sign, the sign of Jonah, that is as Jonah was 3 days  in the belly of a fish, Jesus shall be 3 days in the belly of the earth and rise again on the 3rd day. And that sign the Pharisees, Sadducees and the rest of the Jews will also reject as well even though 500 righteous people also rises from the gave and walk among the people as well.

70) Jesus predicts hi death - Matthew 16:21-28 -

Study Resources Used; PC Study Bible Deluxe V5, NIV Software & Hardback, ,Other Resources,

a) Matthew 16:5-7 - Beware of False Doctrines - When Jesus told the disciple to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees, the

disciples mind set wasn't more on a worldly thinking rather than a spiritual one.  In the OT leaven represented the yeast that caused dough to rise, in spiritual means it represents sin (political and moral corruption), but it wasn't just sin that Jesus Christ was referring to here, it was also the doctrines (the beliefs/teachings) of the Pharisees and Sadducees that Jesus Christ was warning about.

b) Nelsons Bible Dictionary (Doctrine) - DOCTRINE;  A body of beliefs about God, man, Christ, the church, and other related concepts

considered authoritative and thus worthy of acceptance by all members of the community of faith.

c) Matthew 16:8-11 - Disciples of Little Faith - The disciples thinking Jesus was speaking about bread not remembering that Jesus can easily

create a miracle of giving them food.  There Faith wasn't were it should have been, so Jesus reminded them of that and told them that he was speaking about bread, but about the False Doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

d) Matthew 16:12 - The Disciples Finally Understood - After Jesus had to tell the disciples directly that he wasn't talking about bread that

finally got it and understood about he was speaking about the False doctrines of the church leaders and their followers.



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