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In these verses Luke continues to fill Theophilus in regarding Jesus Christ life and Ministry.  Luke

first starts off with the Baptism and Genealogy of Jesus Christ which proves he is the rightful heir

to David's throne as well as the promised Messiah.  So then the start of Jesus ministry on towards

some of the miracles Jesus performed to the Leper being cleaned.  By this time I'm sure that

Theophilus is getting a pretty good idea of the power and love of Jesus Christ, that he is from God!


Luke 3:21 to 4:37

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Luke 4:38 to 5:16


21) The Baptism/Genealogy of Jesus Christ - Luke 3:21-38

22) The Temptation of Jesus - Luke 4:1-13

23) Jesus begins his Ministry - Luke 4:14-15

24) Jesus rejected at Nazareth - Luke 4:16-30

25) Jesus casts out an unclean spirit - Luke 4:31-37

26) Peter's mother-in-law healed - Luke 4:38-39

27) Many healed after Sabbath sunset - Luke 4:40-41

28) Jesus preaches in Galilee - Luke 4:42-44

29) Four fishermen called as Disciples - Luke 5:1-11

30) Jesus cleanses a Leper - Luke 5:12-16

Let us pray; Dear Heavenly Father in your Holy name and the Holy Names of Jesus and the Holy Spirit we ask

that you through our hearts and our minds, give us understanding, give us your love and grace so in that we can

not only have knowledge of you and your words that we may obey and do as you will us to do!  AMEN!

21A) The Baptism of Jesus Christ - Luke 3:21-38 ( res-1c, 1i, 2a, 2c 3 & 7 ).

a) John Was Baptizing the people;  John the Baptist was Baptizing the people in water (Full Submersion)

for repentance of sins (Mt 3:11).  It is symbolic of the washing away of (getting rid of) sins, a purity!

b) Jesus Christ Was Baptized at age of 30;  Even though Jesus Christ has NEVER committed a sin, in order

for all righteousness to be fulfill and for Jesus Christ to be obedient to God he had to be Baptized

(completely immersed, See ) in water (Mt 3:15).  So in that God spoke well of his son that he is pleased

with him.  For Jesus love, obedience and being humble in all he did!

In Old Testament circumcision represented a washing away of sin, purity just as water baptism

represents a washing away of sin, purity.  (See Easton's Bible Dictionary "Circumcision").  In the Old

Testament circumcision was a sign, a covenant, a seal of God that the person belonged to

God forever.  Dt 10:16, 30:6, Jos 5:2, Jer 4:4.

c) Jesus Christ Started His Ministry;  He did not begin to teach until he was of manhood age of 30 years old.

This is the age of Maturity, of Stature, of Mental and Physical abilities to their peak performances!  No

one should ever try to teach the Bible to anyone until they reach manhood age!  Unless they actually think

they are better than our Lord, our Savior and our Teacher Jesus Christ! 

21B) Jesus Genealogy, Mary's Family Side -

a) Luke uses Mary's Family Tree for Jesus Christ Genealogy; 1) Luke uses Mary's Genealogy Line from 

"David's son Nathan" to trace Jesus Christ genealogy line.  2) The reason why Luke uses Mary's Line is

because Jesus seed physically came from Mary instead of Joseph (Matthew 1:18-20 3) Usually a

genealogy line, a human seed comes from the man rather than the woman and it has been that way since

the beginning of mankind, BUT in this case some how Mary's Pregnancy is from the Holy Spirit.

b) The Importance of Jesus Christ Genealogy; Be like a Berean, Search Scriptures Acts 17:11-12

As always it is extremely important to prove where and how Jesus Christ came to be, especially

since many times he was not only claiming royalty but even more so claiming he is son of God, God in

the flesh (Mt 16:15-20, Mk 15:61-62, Lk 22:70, 24:44-53, Jn 6:35, 6:41, 6:51, 8:12-32, etc)!  So then

since Jesus was claiming such things, it is extremely important not just to the Jews but the rest of the world,

as well to make sure that Jesus Christ is who he says he is! 

We like all people should check out the evidence for our selves to make sure that Jesus Christ is who he

says he is, so that there will never be any doubt as to who Jesus is, even in the back of our minds!  So

with our belief in him, we can be sure that we do have complete Faith without ever doubting our selves ever!

Out of my over 30 years as a Born Again Christ, I have seen tons of evidence through prophecies, digs,

etc that Jesus Christ and the Bible are highly true. 

And there is much more evidence, if we pay close attention to his teachings we will see that he is

extremely wise and truthful all of the time! Friends we should never blindly follow anyone with out evidence

that they are from God, of God and with Gods authority!  Jesus Christ miracles as well proves that he is the

Christ, the son of God, God in the flesh as well.  Plus there are were well over 500 witness that seen Jesus

Christ after he rose from the dead (1Co 15:1-8). And through out the years there has been old ancient

writings that even wrote about Jesus Christ! 

c) Purpose of Jesus Christ Genealogy; To Prove;  1) Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Promised Messiah.

(All Nations Blessed via Jesus Christ; Genesis 22:18, 26:4, 35:11 )  , 2) That he is the son of  Abraham &

of David  (Mt 1:1, Lk 3:34 3) His Inheritance to David's Throne (Lk 1:32)  4) That Jesus Christ shall come

from Abraham that is a father of "ALL NATIONS" (Genesis 12:3, 17:1-6, 22:18)5) and as well Jesus Christ

shall  come from King David (2 Samuel 7:12, Psalms 89:3, 132:11).  So when it all is said and done regarding

Jesus Christ blood line and so one, proves that t Jesus Christ line is not just a King, but a Kings of Kings 

(1 Timothy 6:15Revelations 17:14, 19:16) and a Lord of Lords (For many nations and kings shall come from

Abraham and David!

d) Jesus Christ Genealogy Traced from

1) Luke uses Mary's Genealogy Line from "David's son Nathan" to trace Jesus Christ Line. 

2) The reason why Luke uses Mary's Line is because Jesus Christ physically came through Mary, but not from

     Joseph himself.  This is due that instead Jesus Christ somehow came from the Holy Spirit to Mary her self!

e) Organized Genealogy List; I also compiled a nice & neat organized genealogy list of our Lord Jesus

Christ in 3 Columns, 14 generations in each column to keep you a real good visual view.  

Luke's Genealogy List.


I am restudying and redoing the Notes below this Notice!

Thank you for your kind patience!

God Bless You!


22) The Temptation of Jesus - Luke 4:1-13 - (Matthew 4:1-11Mark 1:12,13) - To Top^

a) Luke 4:1-2 The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the Wilderness - It was the Holy Spirit that led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the

devil and after Jesus has fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, to where he was at his physical and mental at his weakest points. I believe another purpose that Jesus fasted for 40 days/nights was to bring his mind and body into total submission, so that the so he could be in control of his weak flesh instead of it being in control over him.

b) Luke 4:3-4 Satan tempted Jesus to doubt who he is - Now since Jesus was very hungry after fasting for 40 days and 40

nights, Satan used Jesus physical and mental (fleshly) weakness to tempt Jesus by trying to get Jesus Christ to doubt who he is, if he really is the Son of God.  To fight that temptation Jesus Christ our Lord used the Holy Words of God (Deuteronomy 8:3) instead of his own personal opinions or ideas. By telling Satan that he lives by every word out of the mouth of God.  The Holy Words of God carries tons of power against evil. - See Deuteronomy 8:3.

c) Luke 4:5-8 - Satan tempts Jesus with Kingdoms, Riches & Power  - In this Satan take Jesus Christ to a extremely high mountain and

tempts our Lord Jesus Christ with kingdoms of the world, the powers and riches of it, that Satan would give Jesus all of that if Jesus Christ would worship him instead of worshipping God.  And again Jesus using Gods Holy words to resist temptation, the evils of Satan, by saying we shall worship God only, Deuteronomy 6:13, See 14 too.  See Deuteronomy 6:13 & 14.

d) Luke 4:9-12 Satan tried to get Jesus to tempt God, His Power - In this next temptation, Satan takes Jesus out of the wilderness to

Jerusalem up to the highest point of the biggest church there, and then Satan tries to trick Jesus Christ by twisting the meaning of the scripture in Psalms 91:11-12 into committing suicide, by using Jesus weak (flesh) his physical and mind that was weak  (from hunger).  But our Lord Jesus Christ uses Gods Holy Words again to fight and resist the evil that was at hand (Deuteronomy 6:16).  SeePsalms 91:11-12 & See Deuteronomy 6:16.

e) Luke 4:13 - Satan left Jesus Christ - Now when Satan was finished for now in tempting Jesus till another time to try and

tempt Jesus again as written (until an opportune time).  Satan had to leave Jesus because Jesus has commanded him to get behind him, a phrase meaning to leave him. Now lets not forget that Satan tempted Jesus when the 40 days of fasting (not eating) was over, not during the time of fasting.

23) Jesus begins his Ministry - Luke 4:14-15 - (Matthew 4:12-17Mark 1:14-15) - To Top^

a) Luke 4:14 - Jesus Christ went to the Gentiles - Jesus Christ has conquered, that is over came the devils temptations, thus

bringing his body mind and soul in complete submission to the will of God so that he can take his Gospel, the Good news

to the people even though he faces heavy opposition by very powerful people, Pharisees & Sadducees in Israel as well as heavy opposition from the demons as well.  The news of him drastically spread through out the surrounding areas most

likely because they heard about his preaching "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven of Heaven is at Hand" (MT 4:17).

b) Luke 4:15 Jesus Christ Taught in the Churches (Synagogues) - At this time is when the people first started hearing

Jesus teach, and even the Pharisees & Sadducees were not in opposition to Jesus Christ as of yet.  Since this is all

NEW to them, and Jesus has not yet taught against their heresies so with that "ALL" of the people glorified Jesus Christ because of his teachings.  It took time before Jesus Christ teachings would get more hard nosed per say to where his teachings would greatly offend and threaten the authority and heresies of the church leaders of his day.

Please Excuse the mess, But I am currently

restudying and creating new links for the content below.

Thank you for your kind Patience.  God Bless


28) Jesus preaches in Galilee - Luke 4:42-44 - (Matthew 4:23-25;; Mark 1:35-39) -

a) Luke 4:42 - The Disciples & Crowd Searched for Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ went out from the people by himself to pray,

the disciples and crowd got very worried that he wasn't with them.  They wanted him to heal more of them, to speak\ to

them all the more.  They are hungry for spiritual food and in need.

b) Luke 4:43-44 The Purpose of Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ is telling the disciples why he came, that is to preach the

"Good News" (Mt 4:23, Mk 1:14, Lk 1:19, 4:18) to the poor. (From Barnes Commentary NotesBy the "poor" are meant allthose who are destitute of the comfortof this life, and who therefore may be more readily disposed to seek treasurein heavenall those who are sensible of their sins, or are poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3); and all the "miserable" and the afflicted,Isaiah 58:7.

29) Four fishermen called as Disciples - Luke 5:1-11 - (Matthew 4:18-22Mark 1:16-20) - To Top^=

a) Luke 5:1-3 - Jesus Christ at Sea Gennesaret - Sea Gennesaret is in the Northwest corner of the Sea of Galilee and its

name in Hebrew "ganne sarim, " means "princely gardens".  (Source from International Standard Bible Encyclopedia). 

This is the first place that Jesus Christ started calling his disciples from.  Jesus asked Simon to put his boat out away

from shore a little bit so that all the people there could see and hear him much better when he started preaching.  We

must also mention Simons (Peter's) brother Andrew as well (Matthew 4:18-20, & Mark 1:16-18).

NOTE: I am not sure why Luke did not mention Andrew in these verses.

b) Luke 5:4-7 Jesus Christ Teaches the 4 Disciples Their Faith will Catch Men - Even though the fishermen worked hard at

trying to catch fish all night, they still obeyed Jesus Christ when he told them to go out into the deep to lower their nets

once again.  So even though they did not have the faith that they would catch any fish, they did!  A great number of fish!  Jesus Christ here has taught them that through their Faith in him that they can also catch (Convert) a great number of

people to the Faith in Jesus Christ!

c) Luke 5:8-9 - Simon (Peter) a Sinner - All who were there knew they had seen a major miracle to which completely

shocked them, professional fishermen, that it brought Simon (Peter) to his knees in repentance.

d) Luke5:10 - Fishers of Men - To add that all of the men were very afraid at the miracle that Jesus Christ did that Jesus

had to tell them, "Do not be afraid!"  In that he told them what they will be doing for his Glorious Kingdom, in saving souls.

e) Luke 5:11 They Sacrificed All For Jesus Christ! - Even though their catch of fish were worth allot of money, more than

ever before in one catch they still gave up all of that, including their fishing businesses and personal lives for the Kingdom

of Jesus Christ!  In order for us to follow Jesus Christ and serve him does require sacrifice on our part since Christ has

already sacrificed his life for us,do likewise we should sacrifice our Lives for Jesus Christ!


I am currently Restudying & Redoing the following sections.


30) Jesus cleanses a Leper - Luke 5:12-16





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