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The Old Testament is a collection of 39 books.  Both Jews and Christians accept these books as scripture.  The Old Testament starts with the creation of the Universe and of the human race.  Then it continues with the history of Gods chosen people---Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendents. whom God formed into the nation of Israel.  In the Old Testament God begins to show his plan for saving people from sin.  Through his prophets he promised many times to send the Messiah, the savior of sinners. ( res-1f )

Let Us Pray:  Dear heavenly Father in your Holy Name, in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit name we pray that

we all may always be teachable and learn your holy words (the Bible) and the actual meanings of them

according to your ways, your will and your good pleasure so that we may apply them to our lives every day, to glorify you and to advance your Holy Kingdom. AMEN!

What is the Old Testament? Why is it called the Old Testament? To Find out about God!  Definitions

List & Links to my Bible Studies in the Old Testament  ( res-3c )

The Pentateuch

Genesis (Beginning)

Exodus (Freedom)

Leviticus (Holy Living)

Numbers (the Long


Deuteronomy (The Law






1 Samuel

2 Samuel

1 Kings

2 Kings

1 Chronicles

2 Chronicles









Song of Solomon

Major Prophets







1) What is the Old Testament?  -  The Old Testament is a collection of thirty nine books that were written

between 1450 BC and 400 BC.  They tell a story of Gods special relationship with one human family,

the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, which became the Jewish people.  Through this God revealed

himself to all mankind.  And through this God set in motion a plan to save all who would believe in him from

the terrible consequences of sin. ( res-3d )

2) Why is it called the "Old" Testament? - The collection of this thirty nine books is called the "Old"

testament in contrast to the New Testament.  The New Testament is a collection is a collection of twenty

sevenbooks, all of which were written on the first century.  The New Testament continues and completes the story begun in the "Old" Testament.  ( res-3d )

3) Find Out About God---by Reading the Old Testament - People have different ideas about what God is

like.  Anyone who wants to find out can begin by reading the Old Testament.  What's in the Old Testament?

The books of the Old Testament are divided into five different kinds of writings.  Fascinating questions are

raised and answered with these Old Testament writings.  ( res-3d )

4) Definitions.

A) Easton's Bible Dictionary; The Old Testament is divided into three parts:, 1. The Law (Torah), consisting

of the Pentateuch, or five books of Moses. 2. The Prophets, consisting of (1) the former, namely,

Joshua, Judges, the Books of Samuel, and the Books of Kings; (2) the latter, namely, the greater

prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, and the twelve minor prophets. 3. The Hagiographa, or holy

writings, including the rest of the books.

These were ranked in three divisions:, (1) The Psalms, Proverbs, and Job, distinguished by the

Hebrew name, a word formed of the initial letters of these books, emeth, meaning truth. (2) Canticles,

Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther, called the five rolls, as being written for the synagogue use on five separate rolls. (3) Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, and 1 and 2 Chronicles. Between the Old and the New Testament no addition was made to the revelation God had already given.  ( res-2c )

B) Nelson's Bible Dictionary; Testament; A written document that provides for the disposition of one's

personal property after death; a bequest. The word testament occurs only two times in the NKJV

(2 Corinthians 3:14; Hebrews 9:16-17). In the KJV the word appears in several additional places

(Matthew 26:28; 2 Corinthians 3:6; Revelation 11:19) - translated in all these cases as covenant by the


The word testament also refers to either of the two main divisions of the Bible: the Old Testament and

the New Testament, or, more accurately, the Old Covenant and the New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3:14).

Thus, testament is generally used to refer to the spiritual COVENANT between God and His people. 

( res-2c )

C) Nelson's Bible Dictionary; Covenant; An agreement between two people or two groups that involves

promises on the part of each to the other. The concept of covenant between God and His people is one

of the most important theological truths of the Bible. By making a covenant with Abraham, God promised to bless His descendants and to make them His special people. Abraham, in return, was to remain faithful to God and to serve as a channel through which God's blessings could flow to the rest of the world (Genesis 12:1-3)....................And so on.  There is allot more on the definition here.  ( res-2c)

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