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Who is Genesis?
Genesis 1:1 to 10:32



Genesis is a book of beginnings.  It describes God's creation of the world and the human

beings he placed on the earth to care for it.  Genesis chronicles the first human rebellion

against God and how God selected Abraham and offspring to be his chosen people.  ( <res-1k )

Author: Moses,  Language: Hebrew


Genesis is divided into two principal parts. The first part (1-11) gives a general history of mankind

down to the time of the Dispersion. The second part presents the early history of Israel down to the

death and burial of Joseph (12-50).

There are five principal persons brought in succession under our notice in this book, and around these persons the history of the successive periods is grouped, viz., Adam (1-3), Noah (4-9), Abraham (10-25:18), Isaac (25:19-35:29), and Jacob (36-50).

In this book we have several prophecies concerning Christ (3:15; 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14; 49:10). The

author of this book was Moses. Under divine guidance he may indeed have been led to make use of materials

already existing in primeval documents, or even of traditions in a trustworthy form that had come down to his

time, purifying them from all that was unworthy; but the hand of Moses is clearly seen throughout in its


Information about Moses the Author; Did you know that according the the scripture Exodus 2:1  that Moses

parents are both part of the Levite tribe, the priest hood?  And later it was God that told Moses to make the Levites the priest.

( <res-2c )

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