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Who is Genesis?
Genesis 1:1 to 10:32


The Book of Genesis verses 1:1 to 10:32 covers Gods creations through his son Jesus Christ, to the fall of mankind, the first murder by Cain, through Adams generations all the way to Noah/s family.  And then God flooded the world to kill all mankind and land creatures because of mankind's wickedness.  God first covenant was with Noah to not ever destroy the world by water again.  Then the table of nations that God started up through Noah and his family was listed.

Gen 1:1 to Gen 5:1-32

Pg (C) ( res-1c )

Gen 6:1 to Gen 10:32


1) The Beginning - Genesis 1:1-2:3

2) Adam & Eve - Genesis 2:4-25

3) The Fall - Genesis 3:1-24

4) Cain and Able - Genesis 4:1-26

5) From Adam to Noah - Genesis 5:1-32

6) Wickedness in the World - Genesis 6:1-8

7) Noah and the Flood - Genesis 6:9 to 8:22

8) Gods Covenant with Noah - Genesis 9:1-17

9) The Sons of Noah - Genesis 9:18-28

10) The Table of Nations - Genesis 10:1-32

Let Us Pray; Dear Heavenly Father in your name, in name Jesus Christ name, and the name of the Holy Spirit

Let us always obey the 2 greatest commandments, to love you and love our neighbor we pray that you give us understanding, so that we may learn your Holy words and their meanings, and that we may learn how to apply

the knowledge of your Holy words to our daily lives Amen!

1) The Beginning; Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 Study# Gen 001

a) Special Notations;

1) God created the earth and heavens about 4004 BC ( res-1d MHC .

2) Jesus Christ is God, with God, the word, All created by him (John 1:1-3) ( res-1c ).

3) God created living space for man (Isaiah 45:12, 18) ( res-1c ).

4) (FAITH) Heb 11:3, by faith it is clear to us that the order of events was fixed by the word of God,

so that what is seen has not been made from things which only seems to be. ( res-5a BBE)

5) (ALL SCRIPTURE) 2 Timothy 3:16 Every Holy writing which comes from God is of profit for

teaching, for training, for guiding, for education in righteousness. ( res-5a BBE)

6) Must Remember 2Timothy 3:16; I must always remember the above scripture 2Timothy 3:16 when

studying the Old Testament, so that I never think that the Old Testament was only for the Jews

instead of us Gentiles as well.  And that is particular important since Paul and the disciples only had the

Old Testament to go by, and most of what they said in the New Testament is from the Old Testament!

b) Before Creation; Genesis 1:1-2;

1) There was very deep water already and

2) earth as a blob-nothing in or on the earth, no form,

3) no light, completely dark.

4) Gods Spirit is light

( res-1d & e, Barnes, Mhc, Interlinear Bible )

5) NOTE: There is no mention of water being created (res-0)

c) Day 1; God Created Light; Genesis 1:3-5;

1) Light that in return separated the following

a) Day (No Sun Yet) from the;

b) Night (No Moon Yet)

d) Day 2; God Created Sky; Genesis 1:6-8;

1) Easton's Bible Dictionary: "Firmament" from the Vulgate firmamentum, which is used as the

translation of the Hebrew raki'a. This word means simply "expansion." It denotes the space or

expanse like an arch appearing immediately above us. They who rendered raki'a by firmamentum

regarded it as a solid body. The language of Scripture is not scientific but popular, and hence we read

of the sun rising and setting, and also here the use of this particular word.

It is plain that it was used to denote solidity as well as expansion. It formed a division between the

waters above and the waters below (Genesis 1:7). The raki'a supported the upper reservoir

(Psalms 148:4). It was the support also of the heavenly bodies (Genesis 1:14), and is spoken of as

having "windows" and "doors" (Genesis 7:11; Isaiah 24:18; Malachi 3:10) through which the rain and

snow might descend.

2) The Sky Created and took shape expanding around the waters. Shape of the Earth became round.

( res-1c )

e) Day 3, God Created Land, Seas, Seed Bearing Plants/Trees Gen 1:9-13 -

God drew up land from the earth that came up threw the water to which created the different seas and

different lands, then God created and placed seed bearing plants and trees on the land so that all of his

living creatures and mankind that he is about to create will have food to eat.  There is water already

for his creatures to drink as well.

f) Day 4, God created Sun, Moon & Stars Gen 1:14-19 -

The Sun and Moon was created to separate the day from the night,  The Sun is to provide warmth & light

for the day.  There are certain creatures that does their work/hunting during the day as most mankind also

does, The Sun provides all kinds of uses for all living beings.  The Moon is to guide us at night to provide

that light for us, so that the night is not totally pitch black.  Now there are many creatures that does their

work/hunting at night even though most of mankind and some creatures sleeps at night. 

The sun and moon are also meant to serve as signs to mark Seasons, "Sacred Times", "Days" and "Years". 

If you read through the Old Testament you will see all of the Jewish festivals that are done according to a

New Moon's and such.  Then God created the universe, the stars, oh and royal how beautiful they are

according to some of the pictures of them that I have seen! AMEN!  I'm not a scientist but there are many

significant importance's of the Sun and Moon.

g) Day 5, God created water creatures & birds of the air Gen 1:20-23 -  

The water creatures, usually eat other water creatures so their food supply are in abundance and then many of the birds eat fish so for the most part their food supply is met.  God also commanded that they have babies, so they may increase in numbers, to they multiply.  The water creatures and birds will also serve as food for other animals and food for mankind when he creates mankind in the near future.  All of the thousands of sounds that the Birds, the Water creatures make are so beautiful to behold, as well as their look and all of their vast arrays.  My friend mankind was meant to not just eat plants, vegetables, but

also meat too (Gen 1:24-31).

h) Day 6, God created Land Creatures, Live Stock, Wild Animals & Mankind Gen 1:24-31

    As usually all of Gods creating of his creatures is in order according to purpose and need, for his creations. 

The Live Stock is for farming as we know today regarding farming.  Such as Milk, Eggs, Ham, and beef

comes from farming, and they need cows, chickens, ham etc.  The wild animals can also be used for food,

but especially for clothing. 

All creatures, (animals) that God has created has each their own special function and help in keeping the

earth well balanced. Another example is that snakes helps to keep frogs, and other small creatures from

over populating the earth as well.  Next and last God made mankind in their (OUR) image, meaning God

and Jesus Christ.  God gave all creatures and all the earth for mankind to always RULE OVER.  I got news

for the hippie liberals that the animals, earth and such were not created to rule us, mankind, we were

created to rule them (Genesis 1:28-30)!

i) Day 7, God rested on this day Gen 2:1-3 -

As we know God worked for 6 days, so he rested on the 7th day, being what is now called Saturday.  But

the Sabbath starts as any day actually does "sundown" according to God at sundown Friday to sundown

Saturday.  This Sabbath is referring to a certain day, but it is a shadow of things to come (Col 2:17,

Heb 8:13). 

The word "Sabbath, from Hebrew Word Sabbath means "To Rest From Labour".  In other

words our rest is not a day, instead our rest is in Jesus Christ from our corrupt and sinful selves!

NOW friend please don't misunderstand the following below but our minds and bodies do need a day of

rest unless you actually think that you want to work 7 days every single week with no rest at all! 

Easton's Bible Dictionary puts it "The sabbath was made for man," (Mrk 2:27) as a day of rest and

refreshment for the body and of blessing to the soul.  Now it is also written that Jesus Christ is Lord of the

Sabbath, meaning Jesus Christ has the authority to change the Sabbath, to regulate on how we are to

observe the Sabbath and when (Mrk 2:28)!

But another day of rest (Heb 4:6-11) was spoken only for the true people of Faith those Gentiles/Jews

(Ro 9:6) that is Born again through Jesus Christ that are the Gentile/Jews Israelites of God.

JESUS CHRIST is OUR SABBATH REST, Rest from our sins, our wickedness and guilt! (Heb 4:1-11)

Since you and I are the Chosen ones, the Royal Priesthood of God (1Pe 2:9-10), the final generation of

Jesus Christ genealogy that has begotten us Born Again Christians, the 42nd generation  (Matthew 1:1-17)

we have entered that rest, the spiritual rest in Jesus Christ! Count the generations of Jesus Christ, you will

only find 2 sets of 14 and one set, the last one of 13, not 3 sets of 14 generations as scripture states

(Mt 1:17).  So where is the final 13th generation? 

We Born Again Christians are that missing 14th hidden generation!  GLORY TO GOD!  In Jesus Christ

he has begotten us as his family, his mothers, dads, brothers and sisters in his Holy name

(Matthew 12:48-50)!

The word "Sabbath, from Hebrew Word Sabbath means "To Rest From Labour".  In other

words our rest is not a day, instead our rest is in Jesus Christ from our corrupt and sinful selves!

2) History of Creation Genesis 2:4-25 -

a) Account of The Earth and Heavens Genesis 2:4 -

This was at the beginning before all on earth was added to the earth.  The orderly story of t.

b) No Shrubs, No Plants, No Man Genesis 2:5-6 -

There could be no plants, no shrubs or man yet since God has not yet sent rain on the earth in order to

feed them water.  But God has caused the waters from the earth to rise and cover the surface of the earth to create streams of water.  Let us not forget that inside the earth there are oceans of water.

c) Man Created Genesis 2:7 -

After God has physically created man from the ground, with I.E. Dust, clay, earth and mud.  (res-2E1-6083)  God has put air into the mans lungs and body so the man could live as all mankind does now.

d) Garden of Eden Created Genesis 2:8 -

God had placed the Garden to the east in Eden of where God had started his work on earth.  Then God put man there in order to work the ground, to take care of the garden.  Now according to my past research, the four rivers (Gen 2:10-14) that ran through the Garden came together at the Persian gulf to where the Garden was.  Which off of the cost in the ocean of the Persian Gulf.

(NOTE; List actual Location of Garden)


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