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As of Today's Date November 15th 2018 on Kansas Dept of Revenue Web site they are telling Kansas Residents in order to enter a federal building or board a plane we will need the Real ID, a National ID by October 1st 2020!  Is this the Mark of the Beast?  Or another step towards Mark of the Beast? 

You can also read more about the Real ID, documents etc that are required to get the Real ID most likely with the verichip inplanted into it by clicking on the following https://www.ksrevenue.org/dovrealid.html. https://www.ksrevenue.org/dovlicenses.html

My friend I can not guarantee the accuracy of this page since technology and information

are speeding up at a alarming rate!  But at least the information can give you some ideas and so fourth.  National

ID, Real ID Act H.R. 418 - Became Law 5/11/2005 - States was suppose to comply by 12/31/2009 or

lose federal funding and rights.  The NEW DATE according to Kansas Department of Revenue Web

site is October 1st 2020!

This Real ID Act 2005 Law H.R. 418, that was signed by former President

George W Bush Jr. was so subtle and sneaky that very few Americans knows about it! 

There were no hearings or debates about this New US Law.


Let us Pray; Dear heavenly Father in your Holy name, Jesus Holy Name and Name of the Holy Spirit we pray

that we never fall pray to the devil and his wicked schemes and that we never intentional or accidently take themark of the beast, and that we always remain faithful to you oh Lord AMEN!

1) Some Resources Regarding the Real ID Act H.R. 418;

Updated List of Countries and Descriptions - Regarding National IDs 

Five Reasons Against National ID Cards UK

Read More about the Verichip >>.

State of Kansas House Resolution 6013 Ask Congress to repeal the Real ID Act In PDF Format

2) What is the Real ID Act?

It is a US Federal law that requires all US States to share all of their information about their citizens with each

other by linking their databases up together.  In other words this means we all will have a mandated Federal ID (Drivers License) under Federal control instead of state controlled drivers licenses.  I have also read that the tiny microchip (Verichip) will be inserted into this New Federal ID that can be used for satellite tracking of its US citizens.  It can also be used for many other reasons such as security, medical, buying and selling etc.  Read More about the Verichip.

NOTE: The original Legislation (Real ID Act H.R. 418), was requiring even the US Federal Government to

share our Social Security Numbers and Personal information with other countries such as Mexico, Canada, and Europe all for the so-called sake of fighting against Terrorism. (Mark of The Beast)?  (New World Order)? Forced Government tracking?

3) When and Who made this into Law?

It is a was introduced to the US House of Representatives by a Wisconsin Republican Senator James

Sensenbrenner on Jan 26th 2005 with 140 other Republican Supporters from around the country.  It was

amended 3 times on February 10th 2005.  The same day it passed the house.

It was signed into Law by President George W. Bush on May 11th, 2005.

4) Who is trying to put this law into effect through out the USA 50 states?

It is conservative republicans (About 95%) that has voted for this New US Law.   Ron Paul and Huckabee

voted against this law  And mostly about 95% of democrats voted against this US Law.  But beware of the

democrats, they with some republicans wants this country to be a Socialist Nation.

5) How long does the US states have to comply?

The original date to comply was May 11th 2008 for all computers systems etc to be ready. Then the US

Federal government extended the date to December 31st 2009.  And now they are considering on extending

the deadline to 2011.

6) Does the US plan to provide funding for this new law?

No they do not.  It will be each individual state responsibility to pay for the implementation of the new law. 

And this will cost each state many millions of dollars, that will put a financial strain on each state.

7) When will we be required to have the NEW ID card?

If you are under the age of 40, you will have until the year of 2014..If you are over the age of 40, you will have

until the year of 2017, since the US government does not consider citizens over 40 much of a terrorist threat as they put it.

Will the Federal Government with the states be sneaky enough to slip this chip right under our noses

into our state Drivers license or other means of ID, Social Security Card Etc?  Maybe under Obama Care?

8) Are there any states against the NEW ID?

Yes!  Currently as of this date August 10th, 2008 there are roughly about 19 states that has voted to ban this

NEW Federal Real ID Act "Law" in their states out of 50 US states and US territories.

9) What happens if any US States votes against allowing this law in their individual states?

For example; lets say Kansas doesn't allow this US Law in their state.  Then Kansas will lose all federal funding and support from the US government.  This means no more Federal money for our schools, college grants, roads, social services and any other state program or project.

And Kansas citizens will not be allowed to go into any federal building or property with out the New Federal ID, and no driving on Federally owned roads/interstates either.  And Kansas residents for example will most likely lose their retirement and disability money from the US Federal Government.

In Time I suppose we will see how this Real ID Act Law H.R. 418 plays out!

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